Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beautiful Day!!

This blog post is LONG overdue! Last week we were lucky enough to have an amazing children's book author and singer/songwriter visit our school!  Debbie Clement from Rainbows Within Reach came to work with grades K-2--which was set up by Denise over at Sunny Days (who I get to work with!!)
Before Debbie came I was able to read one of her books to my class, 'You're Wonderful.' The children loved the book! They were smiling and they were giggling when I read, "I know I'm beautiful."  Then, I realized there was a c.d. in the back that we could listen to (with the sign-language to the song as well)! So we went over the sign language and then I popped the c.d. in. Well...this was an automatic HIT! They children absolutely loved listening to the book being sung. It immediately was stuck in our heads and one of my little boys even said "this is a better song to have in our heads then Sid the Science Kid because it is telling us we are beautiful!"  Then the other students chimed in, "and wonderful, and magical..." We then talked about Debbie's pictures and how colorful they are.  I told them that I knew a little secret about Debbie, she loves rainbows! So they all wanted to make her a present.  We made these amazing heart dream catcher's which I will post about soon! 
Then it was time to go meet Debbie herself! The kids were soo excited to see her and they had the best time! They sang, danced, learned sign language.  They laughed, participated, and had the chance to be silly.  All while learning so much!  

I can't even begin to tell you how great Debbie was with the students.  All the teachers at school were walking around saying just how much their classes loved the author's visit! Debbie has 3 wonderful books.  I can't decide which one is my favorite!  She has Tall Giraffe with beautiful African melodies, Red, White, and Blue which was written just after 9/11 and is awesome, and You're Beautiful which is the song I can still sing over and over again! 
Debbie has been kind enough to offer all of her books (which come with CD's) for 15% off just for YOU!!! Just click here and enter the promo code 'Smiles' at checkout!  I am telling you, if you can't get Debbie out at your school (which is a must!) then you have to introduce one of her books to your students. They are truly amazing!