Saturday, June 23, 2012


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! I wanted to let you know that I updated 2 of my units on TPT. 

The Monster Unit now also includes:
-Write the Room
-ABC Order
-Letter Sort

The Schedule Cards now include a set with pictures! A lot of teachers thought their kids needed pictures on the daily schedule, which is a wonderful idea :) These will be the ones that I use as well!

For those that already purchased both or either on TPT:
Log-in to TPT and go to your purchases. Find the set and re-download the unit. All of the changes should be there waiting for you! :) 

For anyone that wants to check these units out...just click on either of the pictures above! Enjoy!


  1. Hi Caitlyn! I have a few questions.....
    1) I love your schedule cards, but my kids go to a lot of specials - art, music, dance, tv production, pe, media center (library), strings (violin), and theater. Would you be able to add those if they aren't included? Or, even just a card that says "fine arts" if you can't make those?
    2) I'm in south Florida too! Palm Beach County, where are you?
    3) not a question, but I love your bright blog design!

  2. Thank you both!!! Rachelle I emailed you :) I can certainly customize the cards if you don't see what you need in the pack!

  3. love the schedule cards! do you have a classroom helper set? i have been looking for some cute ones...and wondering if you have made any?

  4. Sarabeth, I am using something different for my classroom helpers, but it is all in the same colors/clip art if you want to see it. What is your email?