Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12!! Woohoo!!

I am joining a wonderful blogger, Stacy, from Simpson's Superstars for the 12-12-12 linky party!! 

1. Never too old for an advent calendar, right? LOVE getting my piece of chocolate every morning!
2. and another advent calendar...Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday!!
3. Look at where our elf, Snow, landed today! She was feeling quite brave stacking those blocks and having faith that the children wouldn't knock them over today ;)
4. Our whole group Label It! The children did their own 'label it' during centers, they came out adorable!!
5. Pocket chart center time! One of my favorites! I love watching the kids build and read sentences.
6. OHHH REALLY? Look what I caught my kids using the iPad for today!! 

7. More centers! Loved this simple addition center today. The kids did great adding with unifix cubes.
8. Nail time! I actually got a mani and pedi today...that never happens! I love 12-12-12 ;)
9. Time for some Christmas shopping at the mall!
10. Some of the damage...
11. Starving! What a busy day...stopped for my favorite sandwich, a BLT from Jimmy Johns! (ignore me in this photo...I am exhausted!)
12. and its tivo time! Is it really only Wednesday?

I would love to hear all about your day!! Link up by heading over to Simpson's Superstars!


  1. I had my nails done today as well. It's always so nice. Loved seeing your cute pics and I LOVE jimmy johns too!

  2. You are just "adorbs!" I love all your little kinder centers!


  3. I had to make sure my nails didn't show in any picture because they are PITIFUL! Manicure this weekend! And, for real, how is it only Wednesday? I'm certain tomorrow should be Friday

    !Rowdy in First Grade

  4. Caitlin I am so excited that you linked up with me for my very first linky party. I love seeing all of your pictures from your day. You have the first girl elf that I've seen and I love how brave she is. Your kids iPad picture is hysterical, your Jimmy Johns picture is making me hungry and I'm jealous of your mani, pedi. Thanks again for linking up, I hope you have a great vacation.
    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  5. I love the color of your mani pedi! What a funky color. Your Santa is so cute, fun centers too.

    The Hive
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