Sunday, March 31, 2013


I just got back from Vail yesterday and I am a tad bit depressed that spring break is over! :( I had the best time! I even got to ski with some Easter bunnies :)
Now it is back to planning/prepping! My weather unit starts tomorrow and luckily I am totally prepped for that 3 week unit! Tonight I am prepping for my plant unit which follows weather! I love to be a little 'ahead of the game!'
Check in with Farley to see what everyone else is up to!!


  1. Great advice! I get caught up on all of the things that I thing should be available!

    Learn With Leah

  2. Oh goodness! I forgot to watch housewives tonight. Thank goodness for DVR!
    Flying into First Grade

  3. Those Easter snow bunnies are hilarious! I'd love to go to Vail some day!

    Krazy Town

  4. Great advice, Caitlin! I should have known you would have something perfect in that section since you have the best advice ever :) That's what big sisters are for though, right? ...Always guiding the little one! The advice you put in your Currently is one of the ones that I am most thankful that you shared. Cuts down on the stress!!

    I had so much fun with you today, too!! <3

    Little Lovely Leaders

  5. It's good to stay on top of things! I am a last-minute-prepper!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. It looks like you had so much fun in CO!!

    A Day in First Grade

  7. Just found you through this linky (it's my first time linking up). I am over at First Grade Smiles so of course I had to click on your name when I saw it!!! Aren't those little smiles the absolute best? They make it a little easier to come back from a great vacation :)

    First Grade Smiles

  8. I LOOOOVE Vail! I would love to be in some snow right now!

    Rowdy in First Grade