Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flash Sale: 20% off on TPT

I have some good news for you!!! I'm joining lots of my fun kinder blog friends to throw a 20% off sale tomorrow. Sunday, June 30.

My entire TPT store will be 20% off tomorrow only! 
Here are some items you may want to check out for 'Back to School'
 Lots of Classroom Decor fun!!
 Writing Centers (click on the images to see more!)

 Back to School Monster Unit (I use this the first two weeks of school)
And my newly redone apple unit!

Have fun shopping around tomorrow!!


  1. I am so excited to shop in your store tomorrow! Thanks for participating in the flash sale!

  2. hey there, I'm not sure where the cute graphic is from for the sale. I was wondering if I could use it too? And I wanted to give credit to the creator..

  3. oops nevermind! I will still throw a sale, but I found the First Grade Blue Skies blog where everyone is linked! I will do my shopping tomorrow! thanks anyways! :)

  4. Hi Caitlyn
    Just wanted to say I like your work, creative and practical. Although it is mid year Kindergarten in Australia, I will check out your store.
    Good luck with your sales!

    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  5. Love all of it my friend!!! :)

  6. I purchased your Work on Writing pack. LOVE it! :) Thanks for the deal!

    Kindergarten Kel

  7. Doing absolutely nothing just enjoying the summer!

  8. My favorite thing I did for myself this summer was get a total hip replacement. I feel 30 years younger and so much more active and energetic than I did last year. It took years off. I feel young again! Recovery was catching up on much needed rest and following blogs and TPT.

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