Friday, July 26, 2013

Pencil Sharpener and Supply Shopping!

So, I have seen this pencil sharpener ALL over blogs and have read so much about it! I even feel like I have entered to win this sharpener so many times, but I never win! haha So I knew I had to have one! 
Well, now I have one! I'm not going to didn't come with directions and at first I had NO idea how to use this thing. So it kind of just sat there. Then a fellow teacher of mine (who doesn't have a good sharpener of her own) came to my room to borrow mine. She walked right over and started using this sharpener like it was the easiest thing ever! WHAT?! So after watching her, I finally learned how to use this awesome pencil sharpener. Just like they advertise, it is super quiet. I also love how it sharpens the pencils so nicely. My electric sharpener will occasionally sharpen the wooden part of the pencil so then the children can only use the lead on one side of the pencil...the other side is just wood and doesn't write at all. Do you know what I am talking about?? Hate when that happens! This is definitely a good purchase! Keep in mind, it sharpens skinny pencils only. I know a lot of us K teachers use the fat pencils in class too :) You can find this sharpener HERE.

On a different note, I know a lot of us have been shopping for back to school supplies already. Well, I already knew that Michael's gave educators a discount, but I had no idea that Jo-Ann's does too! I love that store! You can click HERE to register as an educator and you will receive a 15% off discount card for all your purchases! You will also get a bonus coupon for 20% off any one total purchase just for registering! They have tons of fabrics to choose from to back your bulletin boards, cute storage bins, desk organizers, etc. I will definitely go here more often now that I registered--I always like a good discount :)
My team and I always get together during the summer to make a craft. We actually just purchased these letters
from Jo-Ann's to make this cute Pinterest find:
Go enroll now! :) 


  1. I created a poster just for how to use this pencil sharpener since it confuses some people. It is for sale in my TPT store (

    Confessions of a 3rd Grade Teacher

  2. I love that pencil sharpener! Seriously a life saver. I taught only one of my kiddos to use it last year and she was the sharpener. That gave me back so much time from sharpening pencils.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

  3. I can't wait for mine to arrive :)

  4. I've heard so many great things about this pencil sharpener!! It looks like a dream come true because pencil sharpening is SO noisy!

    -Amanda @
    Teacher at the Wheel

  5. I adore that sharpener. I have to touch the points, just like my kiddos. A team mate of mine purchased hers today after trying mine.

  6. Thanks so much for the Jo-Ann's tip and link. We have a new store opening a few miles away and are so stinkin' excited!!!!