Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Collage Blanket [A GREAT room mom gift idea!]

I don't normally share things like this on my blog, but this is too good not to share! I kept seeing the ads on my Facebook page or my Instagram for these Collage.com blankets.  When I finally clicked on the website to check it out, I was really impressed!
The website gives you the option to connect to your social media outlets, meaning that it can quickly gain access to your photos (I am all about quick and easy)! I connected to both my Facebook and Instagram by signing in. Then, you just scroll through and choose some of your favorite photos--the more photos you choose the smaller they will appear on your blanket; however, you can choose A LOT or a few.  I went with a few of my family favs!
You can easily play with the layout and move photos around as well...its super simple! I checked out really easily and gave my cell number at check out. I immediately received a text confirming my order and then a couple days later a text saying my blanket was on its way!! AMAZING service!
 We all love this blanket, its SO soft and snuggly! My husband is actually snoozing under the blanket right now as I type this, haha! Ours is a 50x60 sherpa blanket.
I always tell you guys that the second I became a mom, I became obsessed with all the craft keepsakes and memory pages! Then it dawned on me, what a great gift this photo blanket would be for a room mom! You can add photos of their child from throughout the school year and surprise them!! Collage.com always has amazing discount codes so it would be an inexpensive and cherished gift! 

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