Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer Fun!

Who else has to keep coming up with fun and exciting activities for their little ones at home this summer?! I know I'm not the only one!  Well Oriental Trading is definitely my go to place (I think I've already placed 3 orders with them since May)!

We started a chore chart for the kids this summer and whenever they complete 15 chores (which takes them about a week or a little over a week) they get to pick a prize from the prize box. It's a win-win because they are cleaning their toys, their plate after meals, etc. and then we can all have summer fun together!  
We hope that after the summer is over some of these items will become a habit for them, and won't be considered a 'chore' anymore!

After their first 15 chores were complete, they chose to have a pool party! I knew I had to order some pool party gear from Oriental Trading to get our party started! They have TONS of summer fun party ideas HERE on their site.
I ordered some awesome sun glasses, beach balls, fish temporary tattoos, cute beach ball water bottles, and some water squirters to make our day a memorable one! (Click on the images to see more!)

Then we finished off the day with our own version of these yummy, blue jello, beach treats!
I am not sure what the kids will choose next for their summer fun! But I know, Oriental Trading has everything we need to make our summer memories!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Teacher Appreciation [Free Gift Tags and Teacher Questionnaire]

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!! I know there are so many teachers out there that run out of school supplies at the end of year (or maybe they are stocking up for next year)! I thought it would be great to have one of our little ones bring in a small gift each day for her teachers.  
I printed out these [free] teacher tags on colorful card stock.  Then I cut them out, punched a hole, and tied them on with ribbon!
 We are now good to go for the week!
You can find these printable tags by clicking HERE.

I also made this quick and easy teacher questionnaire.  I printed them out on a bunch of different colors of paper and they were sent home with each child in my boyfriend's son's class. [Just click on the image to download the questionnaire for FREE]
Enjoy!! And have a GREAT week!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fight for Your Write!

I joined BIC in the Fight For Your Write campaign.  It is an awesome mission to save handwriting! BIC strongly agrees that writing is an important tool for communication and helps promote individuality. Writing is also a critical learning tool and helps kids become better readers, boosts their confidence, and so much more!
I tested out some of BIC's new products and I have fallen in love with them!
I've been writing all of my lesson plans with the BIC Atlantis Ball Pen....I love it! It is the most comfortable pen to grip and this pen writes so smooth and doesn't smudge at all!! I actually attached a little bow to the top of it so no one would accidentally take this pen from my room, haha!
I have a couple little ones who have a poor pencil grip. We are working so hard on 'pinching the pencil'.
 Last year I fell in love with these BIC kids mechanical pencils that are made for proper finger position. The pencils have a built in line (yellow) that sticks out of the pencil.  It is easy for kids to be reminded to 'pinch the yellow'.  Plus, the lead in this pencil is so thick, that it won't break. As you can see above and below, there definitely is a different between the two grips (with the same child) using different pencils.  We are getting there!
 I also have these BIC Xtra-Craze pencils. They are mechanical pencils as well.  These write hard, making it easy for me to read children's letters, and there is enough lead in each one to equal 2 and a half wood case pencils.  I always choose one or two 'awesome illustrators' to use these pencils.  It gives the students a little more of an incentive to draw and color nicely during writing time. 
 I also have their Xtra-Fun pencils, the kids LOVE the colors on these pencils! They are so excited when I let them use these.
My favorite new BIC product I saved for last...
They have this awesome new highlighter that is erasable! We use highlighters every week to highlight our sight words in our poem(s). Occasionally students will highlight the wrong words; for instance, our word this week was 'white' and a lot of students also highlighted the word 'with'. Thank goodness for our new erasable highlighters!! 
 Make sure to stop by BIC Fight For Your Write and sign the pledge to save handwriting! You may be able to receive some tips and tools too!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Fun with Oriental Trading

My kids LOVE Halloween and they have been talking about their costumes for weeks! We have four parties a year, one of which is a Halloween party. Oriental Trading has some of the cutest Halloween decorations and some great Halloween games!
I let my kids test out some of our Oriental Trading games during our fun Friday.  I think this made them even more excited for our party!
I ordered candy corn fun is that?!
 I am thinking that I will have to add a little bowl of candy corn at this center.  Maybe they can eat as many candy corns as pins they knock down?
 We are also going to make a delicious bat snack!
So I ordered some cute bat straws to use at our cooking activity center.
 Always a party the nose on the jack o'lantern! My kids were all dying to test this out!
 Almost perfect on her first try!
 I ordered some Halloween goodie bags for all of the kids as well.  I couldn't resist these cute patterns!
 At their Halloween party there will be a little goodie at each center.  When they finish their center they can 'Trick or Treat' and add their treat into the bag.
 I also ordered these bat lanterns. I LOVE them!! We are learning about bats for the next couple of weeks and these make a perfect, fun, addition to the classroom!
 I ordered 6 total and they were super easy to assemble and hang!
 I think this one may be my students favorite center.  I ordered pumpkin decorating kits for each child.  
 The pumpkins come out adorable!!
Oriental Trading is definitely the best spot to get your party decor and games! They also have lots of treats for goodie bags! 
Oriental Trading is actually doing an amazing giveaway that ends today, so make sure to enter below!