Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gingerbread Ordinal Numbers

Still driving...which means I am just making more and more stuff for these next couple weeks of school. I may be posting a lot today haha. I saw this super cute post over at Doodlebugs for Thanksgiving, but by the time I saw it, it was too late to use. So, I made one for our gingerbread unit. Click on over to grab your free copy!

New Gingerbread Math Unit

I have been up in the mountains of North Carolina for the past 10 days with no card stock and no printer! I am dying to get home and print my new gingerbread unit to start with my kids (and all of the other great stuff I have found on your blogs)!  There are many skills covered and I made sure they were aligned with the new common core standards.  I did look at the first grade standards for the most part, but they are very similar to the kindergarten standards just a little more advanced...which is not a bad thing for our little ones! 
I am driving home now..a nice, short, 12 hours! Well, I am not technically I get to sit here and play around on the internet :) I quickly made a preview of the unit (I was getting a little car sick) but it should give you an idea of what all is included.  Not all of the pages are on the preview, but you should get an idea of what to expect.  Click below to download your copy.  Hopefully you'll enjoy it!!

If anyone else is driving home or traveling travels! and Happy Monday tomorrow!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I know most of us all do a Gingerbread unit in December so I wanted to give ya'll a cute little freebie! Click below to download your copy of Gingerbread Number Words!

Now I'm off to watch the biggest game of the year...Auburn against Alabama!! Even though Alabama is ranked #2, I am not giving up hope! WAR EAGLE!! 
I also finally uploaded my Gingerbread Math Unit (after 3 days of TPT not letting me!) and if I don't say so is PeRfEcT
for your class!! :) Check it out at my TPT store. I will try to have a better preview soon!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

But, if you can wait until Monday...TPT is having 10% off, so with my 20% off, you can get 30% off anything in my store!
(promo code CMS28)
I have been having difficulty uploading onto TPT, but hopefully by Monday I will have another unit up- A Yummy Batch of Gingerbread Math! Which is full of 'sweet' math centers!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog on FIRE

I was very lucky to have received the Blog on Fire award from an amazing blogger (and coworker)...Denise over at Sunny Days
Now it is my turn to pass this award on to seven other deserving bloggers and along with that I am supposed to tell you seven interesting things about myself. I am not too sure how interesting I am, but here we go :) 
1. I am a SUPER picky eater. I won't even try things, I will just decide that I don't like it. Not that long ago I tried mac and cheese for the first time and I love it now! Same with scrambled eggs..just tried those a couple of years ago and I have them all the time now! I even just tried a hamburger for the first time...weird I know.  I pretty much live on chicken fingers.
2. I am addicted to tivo.  I tape everything.. like every show possible.  Even though I can never find the time to watch it.  I love Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl, 90210, X Factor and I could go on and on.  My tivo is usually 100% full which stresses me out so I end up staying up until like 4 in the morning just to watch some shows and make room to tape more!
3. I have never been skiing and I want to go really, really bad! My family never wants to go on 'cold' vacations. I find myself talking about skiing and snow and building a snowman ALL the time.  Anyone want to take me? ;)
4. I love, love, love yellow! I am always drawn to things that are yellow when I am shopping and I love sunflowers.  But I don't like to eat candy that is yellow. So I will leave all the yellow candy or fruit snacks for someone else.
5. I 'shop' online a lot. I waste so much time searching around on websites and adding things into my 'shopping cart' even though I never actually buy it.  Wishful thinking I guess :)
6. I am super competitive! I will turn everything into a race or competition.  On rainy days when we stay inside I play hot potato with the kids...I can't even play with them anymore because I will actually get annoyed if I lose (against 5 year olds!!) So crazy!!
7. My 'coffee' is diet coke. I have to drink one every morning to start my day off and wake me up!!

Now I am going to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers. These are all blogs that I LOVE to look at (but not the only ones that I love)
If you get a chance, check these blogs out. I know you will enjoy them all as well!
Here's the award girls! Copy & paste onto your own blogs then it is your turn to think of seven interesting things to tell your readers and pass the award on to seven bloggers that are "on fire"!

Holiday Ideas

Our school actually has off this whole week of Thanksgiving, which is SO nice! On Friday before I left school, I made sure to prep some projects for the week we get back.  I am going to teach Christmas and Hanukkah the first week so I can get some cute projects hung around the classroom and on our bulletin boards. Some of the things I prepped were..
A super easy and cute reindeer.  You just need to cut tan paper in half (long ways) and the rest the kids do on their own with scrap paper. I do not give them any patterns for this one!
A menorah.  Another easy one to prep :)
This one I let the kids choose which one they want to make.  I give them a single hole puncher to punch the holes then they put tissue paper on the back. These are great to hang up on windows if your classroom is lucky enough to have them! (I unfortunately am not)
 I also prepped a bunch of CUTE projects that I found on pinterest..
Kids write about what they would do if Santa was stuck in their chimney... (great vocab word for my students because I am sure some of them have never seen a chimney living in south Florida!)
Super cute 'reindeer tryouts' from Mrs Morrow's Kindergarten
Cute wreath from Our Small-Town Idaho Life

  And a super cute project where you Read The Best Christmas Present of All and kids write about what they think the best gift of all is (cannot be store bought).   
I am also hoping to do this to my classroom door on Monday...another thing I found on pinterest :)
 Simple but cute!
So much to do :) But so much fun!!
I hope everyone is enjoying their break!!  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My students really enjoy going to the writing center in class..and LOVE it even more when they get to use a clipboard or stickers, or something else that they don't normally use during the day.  Well, I have compiled all of my writing center activities into a packet for YOU!! If you click on the picture below it will link you to my TPT store where you can download a preview and read a little more about what is included. I created these activities to be used throughout the year (I know we all spend far TOO much time creating new activities every week)! These activities are reusable and can be used all year long while still keeping your students focused and engaged.

I am also giving away a little FREEBIE.  Click below for a book review writing activity

Don't forget to leave me a comment on TPT after you download..I love reading your feedback!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Run, Turkey, Run!

Run, Turkey, Run! By Diane Mayr is super cute!  My students always get a giggle from the turkey trying to hide from the farmer.  This year my kindergarten team decided not to do the 'disguise' a turkey project that we have done in the past. So instead, I am going to have them make their own turkey art project. Then, we will do a little writing activity where they will tell me what they would disguise themselves as if they were a turkey trying to escape from the farmer before Thanksgiving dinnerI haven't done this with my class yet so pictures are yet to come... but click on the cover below for your lesson freebie :)