Monday, February 27, 2012

TPT Sale!!

 If you haven't already heard...there is going to be HUGE Leap Day sale this Wednesday.  I, along with MANY others, will be offering 20% off and you can also get an additional 10% off with the Promo Code: L2P9Y.  This sale only comes around every 4 years and will be the last big sale before teacher appreciation day in May. 

I know I already have a couple things in my cart for Wednesday :)
Happy Shopping!!!


We are wrapping up our America Unit in class and I am so proud of how great the students have done! This has been one of my favorite units this year!  We used many activities from Deanna Jump's fantastic America unit!
Every morning we learned about a different American symbol. We first made a KWL together as a class then I transferred the information to our class tree-map.  
The students would use the information to write in their 'America the Beautiful' writing notebooks for the week. They came our adorable!

We also made some cute bald eagles from Deanna's unit..and we've been watching the Decorah Eagles online everyday (I am obsessed) Our class named the mom eagle Liberty and the dad eagle Bell :)
 We focused on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln during this unit. We measured out a life size Lincoln (the children LOVE doing this! They stand next to him all the time!) and did a directed drawing of George Washington.

 We also measured out the Statue of Liberty's foot and the children drew gorgeous pictures...

Today the students painted a map of the United States and we did a super fun science project (from Deanna's unit as well) to show how penny's can turn green just like the Statue of Liberty did!

Now we are moving on to our Suess-tastic Unit :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh where, oh where have I been?

I feel like I have totally abandoned my blog! For one, I was away for the long weekend and two, I AM EXHAUSTED!! I have been so tired these past two days, I am not sure the last time I have felt like this! But anyways.... :)
I went to Austin and had a wonderful time! We spent the whole weekend eating! They have so many delicious restaurants and food trucks! My favorite was the cupcake truck of course!
Luckily, I ran some of that food off in the marathon. The race was great, but I have never ran up so many hills in my life.  Everything is flat here in Florida!
 Me on the right :)
This week in class we started learning about America.  We have been doing some super cute activities that I will post about this week.  For now I will share with you this cute little activity that my kids did. I don't give them any patterns and they end up coming out so different and so cute!
 "I would ride in a private jet"
 "I would help people that don't have homes."
 "I would make everyone go to school for 7 days" WHAT?!!?  ;)
 "I would paint the white house pink."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

I LOVE everything about the idea of exchanging gifts with all of YOU wonderful bloggers out there!!  So I joined in with Caitlin from Ms. Preppy and Sarah from Kindergarten Korner on the Be My Valentine exchange.  
Yesterday when I got home from school I had a beautiful pink package with hearts waiting for me!! I couldn't wait to open it!! So I did :) I received an awesome, personalized notebook from Jennifer over at Rowdy in First GradeCheck it out...
 It is so pretty!! I can't wait to show it off at school...even though I think it is too nice to write in :) I also noticed on the envelope that Jennifer was from Austin..and I am going there on Friday!! So she emailed me some great restaurant and shopping info. I can't wait to try it all!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 
I couldn't believe that Jennifer had me for the bloggy exchange because I just LOVE her blog! If you haven't joined her site yet, check it out here:

Monday, February 13, 2012


The past two weeks we have been learning all about careers.  I love hearing the children discuss what they want to be when they grow up...we have lots of future football players, fashion designers, and of course a lot of the girls want to be teachers :) :)  Every day we focused on a new career.  We started the morning off by making a KWL.  I leave the KWL on my white board because we use it a couple times throughout the week..
On the 'K' side, I write down everything that the children say. If something turns out to be a misconception then we usually circle it or 'x' it out.  I tell them that it is okay because we can also write down things that 'we think we know'
After we fill out the K and W, I read a non-fiction story to the class.  I usually stop half way through the story and have the kids turn to their carpet buddy and discuss.  They are supposed to ask their buddy three questions- What have you learned so far? What do you think will happen next? and Are you confused about anything? I will have a couple people share what they discussed-we can add any new questions to the 'W' and any new info to the 'L' and then we move on.
Each morning the children made a project to go with the career we discussed:
Mail Carriers (they had to write a letter to anyone at school and deliver it) This one was a favorite!!
 They also had to write about their careers everyday:

Such a fun unit to do with the kids..we could have gone on for weeks with all the careers the students wanted to discuss :)

You can find my unit by clicking on the image below

It's Valentines Day tomorrow!! Have a LOVELY one! (can't wait to show you what I got from my Valentine's Blogger Exchange!!)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

You Know You're A Teacher...Linky!

I am joining in on a fun little linky party that Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle started!  I am totally that teacher that talks about teaching and my students all the time..and I think all of my friends and family actually care! My friends will actually stop me at dinner and be like OK that is enough teacher talk!! I just can't help it! I think my stories are funny...but apparently they aren't always :) I couldn't decide which one to I just added both!!

I would love to hear your 'You Know You're a Teacher When...'

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Early Freebie

I know we are more than a month away from St. Patty's Day, so I can't believe I am sharing this already BUT if you're anything like me then you need to plan ahead.  It takes me a couple weeks of procrastinating before I actually print everything out, cut, laminate, and re-cut it all again!  So here is a little freebie for give myself plenty of time to prep :) 
In math right now my little kiddos are working on number lines. They are using them to see what numbers come before a certain number and what comes after. Most of my students pick up on this right away and then others need a little more time (especially with writing the teens--so many backwards numbers AH!).  This math freebie will be a great review for below to download :)
if you haven't stopped by Kindergarten Lifestyle must! She is having a great giveaway--and my Valentine unit is included :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

100th day! Hooray!!

We celebrated our 100th day of school yesterday and it was fabulous thanks to you all!! I used so many great ideas that I found on your blogs! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
 We all dressed like we were 100 years old...some of the students went all out! It was hysterical!! I wish I could share the pictures!
In the morning our class rotated around with 3 of the other K classes.  Each class had a different 100th day activity:
1. 100th day snack (students got 10 of each 10 items..yum!)
2. 100 exercises and 100 stretches
3. 100 licks of a lollipop- they made predictions on whether they thought 100 licks would be enough to finish, then they tested it out!
4. Roll-to-100 Race- students had a partner and a 100 chart. They rolled the dice and colored in that amount of squares. First one to finish, won!
In the afternoon I used an idea I found on Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten blog.  The boys worked on the pizza and the girls worked on the gumball machine.  I LOVE projects where I get to see them working together!

Here is the final project:

 Then, we made the wonderful 100th day portraits that I found on Mr's Jumps blog. The students worked so well on these and they came out adorable!!!

Thanks again for sharing all of your wonderful ideas! I know my students appreciate it too :)