Monday, August 29, 2011

Class Rules

I know we all spend a lot of time the first week going over the classroom and school rules...and repeating them over and over again :)   On Monday my class sat down together and had an open discussion about some of the rules the kids thought that our class should have.  You always get the common sense rules, that I love to hear, like "don't pull people's hair" or "no pinching" but those are always important too!  All the rules the students come up with I usually put into a category on the board that will end up being our official class rules.  When we are finished discussing them we put them onto our Classroom Rules poster that hangs on my big book stand by the carpet.  Then the children all make their own Class Rules book.  There are five pages in the book so we usually do one page a day.  For some reason this year my students were beyond excited to take this book home.  They had so much fun creating it!  Here is one of my students completed books:
Their new class friends..and it looks like Dad is joining us too ;)

This page took a little longer because the students insisted on drawing what was actually on the bottom of their shoe!

I always save this page for last, because this rule becomes a hit! I have parents that will say that they even use this rule at home with their siblings.  I make sure to explain to them that adults are still the boss, but other students in the class cannot tell them what to do.  If a student does then their reply can be, "I am the boss of me."
If you would like to try this in your class I am including the rules below :)


  1. What a cute book. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Do you have them make their own lips and feet? Or did you make tracers for them?

  3. I had a tracer for the lips, head, and boss of me shield (if you want I can scan and email you the patterns). I had them try to trace their own hands and shoes but if they were struggling then I gave them tracers as well :)

  4. This is really cute!! I am saving this to use next year at the beginning of school. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I LOVE it! The Boss of Me is the daughter who is in 1st grade is going to hear the boss of me tonight...she thinks she is the boss of others! Thanks for sharing, I will use this next year!

  6. haha the 'boss of me' works wonders!!!