Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teacher Essentials Giveaway

Bridget from Little Lovely Leaders (who just so happens to also be my sister) sent me this AWESOME binder that is going to keep me organized and on track!  It is called the Teacher's Life Binder! It covers everything from the classroom, to substitutes, to bills and grocery lists!! The binder is extremely detailed, Bridget didn't skip a thing!
The Substitute section in this binder is PERFECT and will keep me organized!! I'll fill out this section at the beginning of the year and then I should be good to go!! It will be great to have for subs and in case there are any emergencies throughout the year, a fellow teacher can just pull this binder out!
 This section is something I needed BADLY!!  I am not the best at staying on top of my monthly finances and now I will have all of my finances written down, including bills, charitable donations, etc.  This will make taxes a breeze next year! YAY!
 Bridget included cute quotes throughout the binder to make you smile. Love this one...totally written just for me, haha ;)
 There is also a section in the binder for us bloggers!  LOVE this!
 Please tell me I am not the only one who ALWAYS forgets their passwords.  Our school email and other school sites make us change our passwords like once a month.  The passwords can't be anything we've used in the past and they all require us to include special characters, capital letters, etc. SO confusing! This page is another perfect page for me!
 The calendar pages are wonderful and have just enough space for me to write down what I need. There are also extra pages monthly for meeting notes. If you are anything like me you grab any piece of paper you can find when heading to your meeting...then you end up losing it! haha Having these pages in my binder will be great.
 This page is actually one of my favorites because I have never done this before and I'm really looking forward to implementing it! I send happy notes/emails, but I am very random about doing it.  I think parents will love receiving happy notes more often and this page will help me stay on top of writing them! 
 Another page that I need badly.  I always forget who my past Students of the Month are!!
I am SO in love with this binder! There are so many unique/useful pages that I'm not including in this post!! One of my favorite parts is the fact that I don't have to do anything to get this binder ready! You can order it already printed and ready to add into a binder.  The paper quality is awesome and the pages are so perfect!!

Bridget, myself, and my blogging bestie Katie from Queen of the First Grade Jungle decided to have a fun and BIG giveaway.  One winner will get a Teacher's Life Binder (delivered to your door), a Busy Teacher Bundle of choice, and a Hot Seats Unit of Choice.

Here are the two design options for the binders:

Choose a HUGE bundle...either kindergarten:

or first Grade:

or second Grade:

 And then, choose a Hots Seats Set of your choice:

The giveaway will run for a week and is SO easy to enter:
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  1. You ladies are amazing! Anyone would be lucky to win this huge bundle of goodies, let alone just ONE product! :)

  2. That's so cool that your SISTER makes this Teacher Binder!! What an amazing Giveaway, too, wow! Each prize, alone, is extravagant! Thank you!

  3. This looks absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  4. This notebook will definitely keep me on my toes and organized. Thanks for offering it to us. I'm trying to get started on next year -- now before the chaos starts.