Monday, March 27, 2017

Baby Shower 'Ready to Pop' [and How to Make a Balloon Arch]

As some of you know, my little sister is a teacher blogger over at Little Lovely Leaders and she is 'ready to pop' with her first little girl!
For her baby shower, we took the 'ready to pop' theme and changed it up a tad.  Instead of popcorn we used 'pop'ems', little munchkin donuts! I ordered the little popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading (they have a ton of baby shower decor!)
 Filled them up with about 7 munchkins each, placed them in a clear party bag, and tied them up! They became the perfect party favor!
I also ordered a ton of balloons from Oriental Trading to make a balloon arch.  I was SO happy with how this turned out...especially since this was my first attempt at making one!
 I was thinking that these ballon arches can easily be made for classroom parties too--especially my end of the year awards celebration!
All you need to do is blow up a bunch of balloons.  I enlisted some help from my sisters and brother in law for this one!
Then, take fishing wire and a needle and start threading the fishing wire through each ballon tie.  
 As you thread, keep pulling the balloons down the wire.  You will see that they will start to gather around each other.
When you think you have enough balloons on the wire then you are ready to hang! I don't trust command strips on the wall.  I've never had a good experience taking them off so I refuse to use them now! (Am I the only one?) My sister also has 'knock down' walls so tape doesn't work either! Believe it or not, we only needed three tacks to hang this balloon arch.  
When the balloon arch was hung, we added in some paper lanterns from Oriental Trading to spruce it up a tad.  It would also look amazing with some flowers tucked in!
My sister revealed her precious baby room! If you look closely at the measuring ruler hanging, you can see that my sisters heights are engraved on there--once for every year on her birthday. My dad gifted us these for Christmas. We each have one with our heights and it is AMAZING to compare our heights with our children's heights. Such a great tradition and an awesome memory to have!
 LOVE these balloons to show off the babies name! This name hold a special meaning--those are the best kinds of names!
My sister also bought these little wooden blocks.  At the shower, every person painted one block.  Now when Flynn is older, she will have these special blocks to play with!


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