Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fall Centers

Our Fall Centers are up and running and we are LOVING them!! 
These centers work on a variety of skills that meet the needs of all of my students.  If you have students that can complete them independently, you can leave these centers at a center for independent work. However, if you have students that cannot do these independently, then you can use the activity during your guided reading time!

We have been working on rhyming lately and this center was so much fun! All of the rhyming words are also CVC words which made it easier for my high students to do independently. I did this center at my reading group with three of the four of my groups to make sure they understood the concept and were listening to the rhyming words correctly.
This sight word center was a HIT! Even my ESE students were having a blast with it and this was one of the first times that I saw them super excited at a center--they didn't want to leave! I think they really enjoyed using different writing utensils to write their words. I am telling you...normally my ESE group doesn't even want to write! Look at how great they did!
Nouns were another skill that we started during the first month of school and my kiddos pretty much have nouns down pat! They sorted their noun cards in a pocket chart before recording them on their activity sheet.
We played another rhyming game, Rhyme Time, during reading groups. I gave each student a tongue depressor with a 'thumbs up' on one side and a 'thumbs down' on the other. 
I would flip two cards over and students would have to figure out whether the cards rhymed or not. Then, they would change their tongue depressor accordingly. We had lots of giggles during this game! It was fun!
Another center that my students worked on was Fall Sentence Scramble.  The sentences were all predictable sentences using very simple sight words that we have already worked on in class. I made sure to point out beforehand that all of the sentences should start with a capital letter and they all should end with a period.  Pointing that out to students always makes building sentences a little bit easier. I left a small pointer at this center as well for students to use as they reread the sentences to each other. 
I always leave an 'I Can' chart at the center in hopes that my students can refer to that if they aren't sure what to do next.  These 'I Can' charts also have the standard in the bottom right hand corner which makes lesson planning easy!
My Fall Centers pack includes all of the above skills and more! There are activities to work on letters, letters/beginning sounds, short vowel sounds, middle sounds in CVC words, and an activity to work on building sight words. 


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