Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sight Word Fun!

I found the cutest sight word pack from Kristin over at A Teeny Tiny Teacher! 

Click on the photo to check out Kristin's pack!
I have always done sight word folders with my students, but I was never totally organized with it! This pack makes it SO easy for me! It came with a great parent letter to send home explaining the process (which I LOVE by the way). The students will start out by reading all the lists; then, when they are finished with all 30 lists, they will go back and spell the words. I was doing both reading and spelling at the same time---umm hello? Why didn't I think of doing it this way!! The pack also comes with a super cute 'Congratulations' certificate when the students finish and a great organizer for me to track student progress.

I gave all the students new sight word folders. Each time they get a 100% on their list, they earn a sticker to decorate their folder. They are loving this!

How do you do your sight words??