Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Fun with Oriental Trading

My kids LOVE Halloween and they have been talking about their costumes for weeks! We have four parties a year, one of which is a Halloween party. Oriental Trading has some of the cutest Halloween decorations and some great Halloween games!
I let my kids test out some of our Oriental Trading games during our fun Friday.  I think this made them even more excited for our party!
I ordered candy corn fun is that?!
 I am thinking that I will have to add a little bowl of candy corn at this center.  Maybe they can eat as many candy corns as pins they knock down?
 We are also going to make a delicious bat snack!
So I ordered some cute bat straws to use at our cooking activity center.
 Always a party the nose on the jack o'lantern! My kids were all dying to test this out!
 Almost perfect on her first try!
 I ordered some Halloween goodie bags for all of the kids as well.  I couldn't resist these cute patterns!
 At their Halloween party there will be a little goodie at each center.  When they finish their center they can 'Trick or Treat' and add their treat into the bag.
 I also ordered these bat lanterns. I LOVE them!! We are learning about bats for the next couple of weeks and these make a perfect, fun, addition to the classroom!
 I ordered 6 total and they were super easy to assemble and hang!
 I think this one may be my students favorite center.  I ordered pumpkin decorating kits for each child.  
 The pumpkins come out adorable!!
Oriental Trading is definitely the best spot to get your party decor and games! They also have lots of treats for goodie bags! 
Oriental Trading is actually doing an amazing giveaway that ends today, so make sure to enter below!

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  1. So many fun, interesting, clever things at Oriental Trading Company; a teacher's best friend!