Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Five Senses BINGO!

We had SO much fun playing Sound Bingo during our five senses unit!  I have all of the sounds included in my unit on TpT.  You just open them up and play one sound at a time.  The kids were so quiet and so engaged that we ended up playing a couple of times! 
I would click on one sound and have the students listen for it...
Then, they would guess what the sound was and I would let them know if they were right or if they had to listen again.  If they had that sound on their card, they would cover it with a unifix cube.
I kept track of all the sounds that I played on my sound board.
We played a couple of times, switching game boards with our friends each time. It ended up being such a fun activity!
This little sweetie ended up winning twice in a row! It was definitely her lucky day! ;)
Head on over to TpT to check out more of my five senses unit.  

You can also get my Five Senses lesson plans by clicking below.


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