Monday, September 26, 2016

Hello Yellow! [Classroom Pencil Sharpener]

When I saw that Classroom Friendly Supplies had a brand new YELLOW pencil sharpener, I knew I had to have one! Yellow is my color!
I already have a blue sharpener from them in my classroom and we love it! 
I first bought my classroom friendly sharpener back in 2013,  and was blown away by how quiet it was and how awesome it worked.  I had to teach my 'pencil helpers' how to use it because it isn't as easy as just sticking the pencil into an electric sharpener.  But, after one demonstration my children knew exactly what to do. 
 Over the years my electric sharpener, that I spent close to $80 on, has stopped working and my awesome Classroom Friendly sharpener is still as good as new!  
I also love how it sharpens the pencils so nicely. My electric sharpener would occasionally sharpen the wooden part of the pencil so then the children were only able to use the lead on one side...the other side was just wood and didn't write at all (do you know what I'm talking about??). 
This is definitely a must have for every classroom!
 You can find this sharpener HERE.


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