Friday, May 16, 2014

An Easy and Cute Parent Gift

We made these cute little cards for Mother's Day, but I never had a chance to blog and share the idea!!  However, I figured that they are also the perfect project for parent appreciation!!
 If you need a quick and cute gift to give your room mom, volunteers, math superstar helper, etc. this is the perfect idea!
I made two columns in Microsoft Word, entered down a little more than half way, and typed in 'A note from...'  I spaced down a little farther and wrote 'Angelica's Mom'.  I continued to do this for each student in my class.  Then, I printed them out and had each student draw a little picture in between the words.
Then, I let each student choose 4 different colors of card stock (this would give each mom 8 cards).
I copied each page onto the card stock, cut them apart, folded them, and voila!
Little note cards for each mom!
I printed out 'Happy Mother's Day' tags and added the cards into clear treat bags.
I love how they turned out and they were SUPER easy!!!