Thursday, September 20, 2018

Starting Your Magnetic Letter Center

My magnetic letter center is definitely one of my students' favorites and it is mine too! I am telling you, the entire time they are at the magnetic letter center they are engaged and working!

You can work on SO many different skills at the magnetic letter center which makes differentiating VERY easy!
I always start the yer off with these 'I know my letters' mats and then we move on to sounds, CVC words, sight words, and SO much more!!
They have so much fun working together at the magnetic letter/word work center...I think they forget that they are learning!
You can find my magnetic letters here.
You can see my magnetic letter packs in other classrooms in the images below...
This class is using dry erase markers instead of magnetic letters. They are working right in these dry erase pouches which I love. I will do the same if I am working with these mats in my guided reading groups! 
This is a first grade classroom that started the year off with my word families pack. I love how she has the 'check it' cards hanging right at the center so her students can self check.  That is one of my favorite things about my magnetic letter packs--they are color coded for easy clean up and they all come with 'check it' cards so your students are working totally independently while you are calling your guided reading groups.
You don't need a magnetic white board to use these packs.  As you can see in the classroom below, they are working right on their table top! You can also use a cookie sheet/baking pan!
LOVE how this classroom is using letter erasers on my mats. I wish I found those awesome erasers at Target this year! So jealous!
 Lastly, this class is just using letter tiles

There are SO many ways to use these packs in your classroom. Once you introduce these packs to your students they will be able to work in this center all year. The packs spiral as the year goes which makes it very easy to differentiate as well!

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