Monday, February 5, 2018

Valentine's Day Writing

Last year I saw these super cute heart shaped books at Target but I passed them by because I couldn't think of what I would do with them. Then this year they were back and they were just too cute to pass by again! I actually bought plain red ones for my class and then after the fact, found these awesome rainbow ones!! (Maybe next time.)
The books have 16 plain white pages inside and I decided that these would be super fun to use to throughout the month to spruce up our writing and get the kids excited!!
I created different pages that fit perfectly into the Target book.  All of the pages are about people we love or places, things, and even the food we love! 
The kids have really enjoyed working on these books so far and they are taking a lot of pride in their work (which is an extra bonus)!
These are going to be perfect Valentine's keepsakes for not only the kids to enjoy, but their parents to hold onto for years and years to come!
And don't worry, if you can't find the blank Target books, I added in a cover page that you can use to create your own writing notebooks for your class. I received this picture from a fellow teacher and she has her Valentine's books ready to go!
You can grab the writing pages below:
They are also available in Spanish here:
Don't forget to PIN this image to Pinterest and save this idea for next year!
This year I let my daughter pick out her own Valentine's (then I just ordered the same ones from my son), and to my surprise she picked these super cute pizzas!! Pizza is all the rage right now, haha!
These are from Oriental Trading and they made Valentine's so easy.  They deliver quickly and these pizzas already had a cute tag on them! I didn't even really need to print and attach my own tag!
 My daughter is so excited to pass these out! And I am excited that we finally have a cute little Valentine gift that isn't candy, haha!