Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Behavior Management

I have used the same behavior management system for years and I still love it!! There are SO many different behavior management ideas out there so you'll have to do your research and see what works best for you!! But for now, this has been working in my classroom successfully for years so I am sticking to it!

I downloaded my clip chart for free HERE. 

We always start the day at 'Ready to Learn'.  When I catch students displaying positive behaviors, they move their name up one time (to one color).  If I see students displaying poor behavior, they move their name down one time.  If students move to 'Slow Down' that is just a warning.  It doesn't have a consequence.  However, if they are on 'Teachers' Choice' then I get to pick the consequence.  There are different consequences for different students.  You need to know the differences in your children and pick something that will impact them. For some children I take away 'free choice', but others don't care about missing 'free choice' so instead I take away the iPad or something that will make them care, and think about their actions! If students end the day on 'Parent Contact' then not only did they get a consequence during the day, but they will also be taking a note home that needs to be signed (or sometimes I make a phone call). 
I also reward the positive behaviors.  If they end the day on 'Good Behavior' they just know that they had an awesome day and that I am proud of them! If they end the day on 'Outstanding' they will earn a sticker for their star (note the 'Star Students' next to the clip chart). If they end the day on 'Great Job' they will earn two stickers for their star.  Once their star has ten stickers, they earn treasure box.  Now, there have been some special days where students have gone above and beyond--they have made it to 'Great Job' on the clip chart and then continued to show amazing behavior.  Well, now what? Where do they go now?  I move these students onto my teacher necklace (my keys and teacher i.d.) and if they stay there all day--they earn a diamond on their clip!! This is rare in my room so it is SUPER exciting when this happens! You can see some students with a diamond in the image above.
 At the beginning of the year I stock my treasure box with new items.  I think it is important to make the treasure box enticing for the kids! If they want to pick from the treasure box, they will have good behavior in order to earn that!  
 I also don't want to spend a fortune on my treasure box.  I usually ask parents for donations throughout the year to help keep the treasure box stocked.
 I also find amazing treasure box items on Oriental Trading in bulk for a great price.  This is where I purchase from to start the year off.  This year I bought slime, fidget spinners, footballs, and emoji bags. These items seem to be the craze down here right now so I knew it would make students excited!
My students are SO excited when they earn their ten stickers! Treasure box is always an exciting day in our classroom!