Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make Your Own Easter Basket

Look at how cute this little Easter basket is!! And the best part is SO easy to make!!
Cut a pipe cleaner in half and staple it onto a little ketchup container (at least that is what I think the purpose of these little containers are haha). Then, wrap a doily around the container. It will stay on with just a couple dabs of glue! Put some Easter grass inside...

 Add the candy...and there you have it!! SO stinkin' cute!

Monday, March 18, 2013


I am almost officially ready for SPRING BREAK!! Well, I am ready....but, I am almost all prepped for my 3 week weather unit when I return from spring break :) It is nice knowing that I am all ready and will have no worries over break! Here are some of the activities in my weather unit...
 My students will be working on their reading skills by unscrambling sentences. They love this center!
It's Raining Cats and Dogs! This one-to-one correspondence activity is wonderful for some of my low ones and also great independent practice for my other students. I love when they can work independently and don't have any questions!
'Sum'where Over the Rainbow has my favorite activity name--thanks to my Facebook Followers for naming this one!! :) Some of my students are still counting the 'cube train' even though we continue to discuss that it has 10 cubes. I am hoping this activity will help that!
 Reading Rainbows is another great independent center for this time of the year. Students will match the CVC word with the CVC picture.
All of the above activities can be found in my new weather unit. There are 10 literacy centers, 8 math centers, lots of writing, and tons more!! ;)
We wrapped up on America Unit last week and I snapped a couple more pictures...
 Writing the Room is always my students favorite! They notice the cards around the room the second I open the door to say good morning!
My class is still working on digraphs. I feel like I have taught this so much, that they should be experts by now...but I still have a group that is having some difficulties with th, ch, and sh. So we will practice on! ;)
I hope if you are on spring beak now that you are enjoying every second of it!! I know I can't wait for that bell to ring on Friday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday! (YAY for Friday!)

I am soo happy that it is Friday! I am absolutely exhausted! 
Here are my 'five for Friday'...
1. The Naughty AND the Nice Leprechaun came to visit us today! The nice Leprechaun brought us some yummy treats, but the naughty Leprechaun made a MESS!! My students couldn't believe it! But, they were nice enough to clean it all up ;)

2. Today was the last day of our 4 week unit on America! The kids have learned so much AND each one can sing the presidents song!! By themselves! It is awesome :) Here they are 'measuring up' against Abraham Lincoln today.
3. Since all of the America crafts were coming down, today we made some Spring Craftivities to decorate the room. I LOVE how they came out! They look so bright and beautiful :) You can find them HERE
4. Last night our school had Parents night at the book fair. This morning I received this book and c.d. from a student with the attached note. I am glad to know that my little ones think I am as beautiful as Gwyneth Paltrow! haha
5. AHHHH!! ONE MORE WEEK until I will be in Vail for Spring Break!! I have never been skiing or snowboarding or anything and I am SO super excited to go!! 

Head on over to Doodle Bugs to read what everyone else was up to today!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

American Symbols

Almost all of the units I have taught this year have been 3 week units; however, there are times where we are just having too much fun and learning too much to end the unit! So, our 3 week America Unit has now turned into 4 and half weeks. It ended up working out perfectly because that will take us right to spring break and when we return we will have a new start in our weather unit!

So 4 and half weeks!! ...what have we been doing for that long? I spent one week on the Statue of Liberty, a couple days on the American Flag, Liberty Bell, and Bald Eagle. We will wrap up with a week on President Washington and President Lincoln. We have been practicing the President's Song in class....almost all of my little ones know ALL the presidents! So proud of them!

Here is a look at what we have been up to :)
Patriotic Ten Frames-they are becoming experts at this!!
We have also been focusing on shapes in math. They had to sort the shapes and fill out their activity sheet when they were done.
We worked on our middle sounds! 
and of course, we wrote about some of the facts that we have been learning! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE their non-fiction 'All About' books and so do the kids....and the parents!!
In one of my Five for Friday posts I showed how my students 'measured up' against the 4.5 foot tall Statue of Liberty nose. The kids just loved this activity, and most of them wrote about it too! I love when something really 'sticks' with them!
These activities can be found in my American Symbols pack on TPT :)
Next!! I can't wait!! I already started printing, cutting, and getting ready to laminate!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

St. Patty's Day Hooray!

I have some new/updated freebies for you!! Hopefully you can use them all in your class! 

The first one is a super fun sight word game. My kids are OBSESSED with playing this!! Hopefully yours will be too ;)

The next freebie has 2 different math centers. In the first activity students will pick a card and write the three numbers that come next. Then, I added in a second activity where they will write the three numbers that came before the number they chose.

I also posted my March words in my Word Work/Writing pack! Head on over to grab yours by clicking on the image below!

I am linking up with one of my favorites, Mary from Sharing Kindergarten. Head on over to look at a bunch of other St. Patrick's Day products!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Five for Friday!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!!
1. We are in the middle of our 4 week unit on America. My kids are absolutely LOVING every second of it. We have already learned about the Statue of Liberty, The American Flag, and the Liberty Bell.  In this photo they are seeing how they 'measured up' against the 4.5 feet Statue of Liberty nose! You can check out some of our centers HERE :)
2. I left south Florida last night and headed to Charleston for the weekend! I am loving the cold weather up here!!
3. I am staying with my sister and her husband this weekend and look at the cool gift she had waiting for me!! A new phone case!! <3
4. Today I 'traded' in my kindergarten class for a fifth grade class! I went in to my sisters class (she has a blog too--Little Lovely Leaders). It was so much fun! I was in charge of a small group and we got to play a multiplication game--loved it!
5. A little sneak peak of what I am currently working on!! :)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!