Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Apple Day

Our 'Apple Day' is quickly approaching and I always like to look back to see what I've done in past years to make planning a lot easier! I always try to keep my special events fun, but easy to put need to make stress or extra work for yourself! ;) I was taking a look at pictures from our last 'Apple Day' and I realized I never blogged about it! So, here we go!
The students made these special apple trees using their finger prints. I stored these away for their end of the year memory books.
You can find my memory books by clicking on the image below. It is incomplete and I will be adding to the pack monthly. 
They played our Apples Letter/Sounds game which is always a hit!
You can find the game here:
We made these delicious apple trees!! All you need is Ritz Crackers, a jar of vanilla icing (dyed green), pretzel sticks, and m&m's.
We also had a station set up for apple taste testing. They had a slice of a red, green, and yellow apple along with peanut butter, caramel, and apple juice.
I had this little poem and q-tip painting activity prepped from a previous year that went unused so we worked on this at one of our centers. They actually had a great time with this and it was a good fine motor center! We glued this into our poetry notebooks when they were dry.
You can find this q-tip painting for free in my store HERE.
The students all made this cute craft from The Bubbly Blonde. You can find it for free HERE. These would make a cute and easy bulletin board!
Our last center was a roll and dab game. My students always love these games. 
This one can be found in my apple unit below.