Friday, May 25, 2012

Polka Dot Love!!

Next year I am totally revamping my entire classroom! I can't wait!! I have decided to do all neon colors and polka dots!! 
 Here are some cute months of the year cards for calendar time...

She has a beautiful polka dot welcome banner...My friend Tammy over at Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten has posted so many perfect freebies to get me started!!

Click on image above to grab your freebie
I have my banner all ready for next year!! It is so easy to make and came out so super cute!
 I also printed out Tammy's nameplates for next year. I have my children sit at tables. I attach the name plates with velcro. This makes it easy to change their seats when needed :)
Click on the image above to grab your freebie
 I ALSO printed out Tammy's polka dot behavior chart!
Click above to grab your freebie
 This year isn't over just yet...but it is never too early to get planning for next year :) 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easy Parent Gift :)

I made these cute cards for Mother's Day, but they can be made for anything...Parent Appreciation, a Room-Mom gift, or even for a simple thank you :) 
First, you need to open up a new document on pages or word. Enter a little over half way down the paper. Then type 'A note from...'
Enter down a little farther and type in the student's name followed by mom (ex. Caitlin's mom).  After you have done this you can space over on the same lines and enter the same info again. This way you have two columns like the white paper below....
 When you are done print it out on plain, white paper. Then give your students a small paper that will fit in between the words 'A note from...' and 'Caitlin's mom'. Let them draw a picture on the paper. They can draw it with pencil and you can trace over it with a pen or you can let them use pen. Tape their picture in between the words and then copy it onto colored card stock.
 Cut the card stock in half, fold the paper in half, and there you have it!! Cards for their mommy's!
If you have bags, you can put them in the clear bags (seen HERE) and tie them with a ribbon; if not, you can tie them like I did above. The parents love these! 
You can read an updated tutorial for these Mother's Day gifts HERE.
Don't forget to share your pictures and ideas with me over in our Kindergarten Smiles Facebook group HERE.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let's Find Out!

This past month I received a class set of the Let's Find Out magazines from Scholastic to try out.  My students absolutely loved them! Not only did they love reading them, but they loved the activities in them! They are SO appropriate for my kinder kids. My students were able to read them totally independently, allowing them to do the activities on their own. They felt so grown up!!

The other thing I LOVED about the Let's Find Out magazine is that the themes seemed to work perfectly with what we were learning in class. The April issue was full of Earth Day information, plant info, animals and their eggs, etc. The themes seemed to fit in perfectly with my already planned curriculum.  
We focused on Earth Day in the issue and the students learned a lot of new information. We continued that over into our writing.  I had them write about what THEY would do to help save our Earth. 

The bulletin board came out super cute...
How many of you use Let's Find Out magazines in your classroom? When and how do you incorporate them? Would LOVE to hear!! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Portable Word Walls...they are finally here!

When I first started blogging I wrote about my portable word walls..and that became my most looked at post. Well...I am finally finished creating my own version of these thematic words!! I have had many emails asking if I sell these..well now I do :)

I introduce these words at the beginning of the year and they stay in the writing center to assist the students in journal writing, creative stories, choosing topics, writing letters, cards, etc.  
As we are learning a specific theme, I will have the students use these to create their own 'portable word wall' to use throughout the thematic unit. This way they have access to the words they will be using daily. 
Student examples from the beginning of the year...

 If you would like to purchase this unit, click on any of the pictures above! :) Would love to hear your feedback as well!
If you have a blog of your own and you are willing to blog about these....comment below and I will send the first 3 people this unit for free!!