Monday, November 10, 2014

November Centers

I have NO idea where the time has gone, but November is already off to a great start!! This month we focus on maps, wants/needs, and comparing children of the past to children now.  It is easy for me to tie in all of those skills while learning about Pilgrims and Native Americans!
One of my students' favorite activities is always using white boards.  I leave the writing and word work cards at the word work center and students are allowed to write thematic words/draw pictures on the white boards when they are finished with their work. 
 I love sneaking over and catching them in action! They are so cute!
 We are also working on reading and spelling our sight words.  They did an awesome job with this 'Serving Up Sight Words' activity from the November Word Work pack.
This is the second time we have worked on building sentences in the pocket chart and ALL of my students were successful in completing this independently.  I LOVE to see that!
 At the writing center we continue to use Deedee Wills' writing pack. I prepped this pack last year and my life is so easy this year!! 
 Magnetic letters are also a class favorite!  
 Students chose to either work on beginning/ending sounds or CVC words or both! ;)  Again, they completed these activities last month with my October Word Work pack, so this month they all are acting like pros! 
On Friday I am hoping to get our Pilgrim craft made and hung to spruce up our bulletin board! They always turn out SO cute!!