Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Writing Center

Ever since I opened up my writing center to 'choice' writing, my planning/life has been so much easier!! Every activity seen below I introduce to my students one at a time, starting the first week of school with write the room! I then move on to 'Write the Globe', 'I Can Draw and Write Words', 'Color Words' and some of the other easier activities.  As the year moves on I can start introducing some of the harder activities like 'How to' Writing and 'All About' Writing.
As each activity is introduced, it gets added into the pocket chart organizer you see below.  Then it is available for kids to use when they finish early!
I even added in some toy magazines that I received in the mail--the kids LOVE writing shopping lists!
'I Can Draw and Write Words' is an easy activity for beginning writers. They can use thematic word walls or books to complete.
I love the 'Dictionary Hunt'.  I really like the fact that they are getting used to a dictionary and know how to use one at such a young age ;)
'All About' writing has now become one of my students' favorites! They love writing all about me, or the principal, or I've even heard them interviewing each other and writing all about their peers. Love it!
They also use my portable word walls for their 'All About' writing.
'Write the Globe' never gets old with my kids.  They love discovering new places. Most of them have taken this a step further and are now writing letters to their parents telling them where they want to go on the globe and why.
I also ALWAYS leave cards and envelopes in the writing center.  They love making cards for their family members, peers, teachers, etc. 
I have now introduced all of the activities in the writing center and my students are able to complete them all independently.  Now that they are all hanging in the wall organizer (found HERE), I don't have to plan anything for the writing center.  They go to the center and CHOOSE which activity they want to work on.  When kids have the 'choice' in their centers, they work SO much better!

All of these writing activities can be found in my store by clicking on the image below.
and the thematic word walls can be found here