Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easy Parent Gift :)

I made these cute cards for Mother's Day, but they can be made for anything...Parent Appreciation, a Room-Mom gift, or even for a simple thank you :) 
First, you need to open up a new document on pages or word. Enter a little over half way down the paper. Then type 'A note from...'
Enter down a little farther and type in the student's name followed by mom (ex. Caitlin's mom).  After you have done this you can space over on the same lines and enter the same info again. This way you have two columns like the white paper below....
 When you are done print it out on plain, white paper. Then give your students a small paper that will fit in between the words 'A note from...' and 'Caitlin's mom'. Let them draw a picture on the paper. They can draw it with pencil and you can trace over it with a pen or you can let them use pen. Tape their picture in between the words and then copy it onto colored card stock.
 Cut the card stock in half, fold the paper in half, and there you have it!! Cards for their mommy's!
If you have bags, you can put them in the clear bags (seen HERE) and tie them with a ribbon; if not, you can tie them like I did above. The parents love these! 
You can read an updated tutorial for these Mother's Day gifts HERE.
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