Friday, March 13, 2015

Silly McGilly (Giveaway!)

Recently, I received an email from 3 sisters from New Jersey telling me all about Silly McGilly.  A little leprechaun who will help bring some fun and excitement (and learning) to your classroom during the month of March!
Well, today I received Silly McGilly and I was BEYOND excited to get started! Right away we opened the package and read the story. The story explains that the leprechaun we have is just a toy doll. But, if you place the doll in the window of your classroom at night, it is an invitation for a real leprechaun to come visit and play a trick!
After I read the story, I passed around our new leprechaun doll.  The kids loved him!!
 They were SO excited! Look at that face!
 Some of the children even wrote notes for the Leprechaun.  This one made me smile...'Do something that makes me laugh.'
Silly McGilly is now in our window.  I wonder what will happen when we arrive at school on Monday?!
You can head over to Silly McGilly's site to find sample activities and tricks that will enhance learning.
I am so excited to use Silly McGilly in the classroom this year and many more years to come!! Such a great idea!
If you would like to purchase your own Silly McGilly and his book you can HERE, or you can enter to win your own copy on my Facebook page HERE.  Good luck!


  1. Our Silly McGilly brought his favorite Leprechaun's Lunch to my class today. Here is the link to get a copy of the activity (in case you are interested)


  2. This is great!! I can't believe I haven't heard of Silly before. Thank you for sharing such great ideas!