Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poetry Notebooks

My kids this year absolutely LOVE poetry and I LOVE that they LOVE it!!! :) We do one poem every week.  I have the poem written out on chart paper and I introduce it to the class on Monday.  On Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on when they go to the poetry center) they will glue the poem into their poetry notebooks.  They have to illustrate the poem and highlight/circle our sight words.  
 Then Thursday and Friday we continue to practice our poems whole group.  I usually have the students bring their notebooks to the carpet.  I hang the chart paper with the poem on it in front of the class.  The children love to come up front and use a pointer or a echo microphone to guide the other students in reading the poem.  They also love to sing the poem, read it in 'girlie' voices, read it like a monster, etc.  We have a blast! 

You can find my poetry book HERE

I would love to hear how you do poetry in your class!!


  1. I bet they just love the microphone! Saw one of those at the Dollar Tree - now I know what I can do with it! ;)
    Our poetry ideas:

  2. LOVE your poetry center, thanks for sharing with me!! Your kids would love using the microphones! They are very cute! Some of the girls sing their poems as if they are on American Idol, i love watching them!

  3. are these available for purchase? would love them1