Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost Winter Break!

How fun are these soldiers lining the Kindergarten hallway?! I love them!! The kids love making them (I usually like their book buddies to help out) and they are actually pretty easy!! But anyways....

I am so excited for winter break!! I am really planning on just staying home and RELAXING!! Of course I need to get things done around the house, Christmas shop, work on some new units, train for a marathon (not my idea!!)....but, my number one plan is to sit on the couch and catch up on my tivo!! 

For now though, there are 3 more days of school and I still haven't had my students make a gift for their parents.  When I got in the car today I had a text from my sister asking if I watched The Chew.  I hadn't even heard of it..but she went on to tell me how this morning they made salt dough ornaments and they came out super cute and EASY!! So, it was perfect timing.  I texted her back, told her to come over and help, and sure enough...
 I have salt dough ornaments baking in the oven as we speak!! Tomorrow I will bring them to school and let the children paint them.  When they are dry I will paint them with some varnish, tie on a ribbon, and WA-LA! We have our gifts! Super cute! 
How to make them? It's only 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of warm water. Mix together, roll out, cut your shapes, and then stick them in the oven at 200 degrees for somewhere between 4 and  6 hours...mine are at about 2 hours right now :) Oh, and don't forget to poke the holes in them! I used a pen even though the show recommended a straw!


  1. Thank you!! I wish I could share the patterns with everyone to make it easier!! But most of them are too big to scan!

  2. Caitlin,

    How many ornaments do you get out of the recipe? I was hunting for a dough ornament recipe for my kiddos to make for their families and this is perfect!

    Thanks! Amanda

  3. One batch actually made 23 ornaments! I wasn't expecting that and had bought sooo much flour and salt. The cookie cutters I used are medium sized. I ended up making 2 batches and have 40+ in the oven---I figured it was easy enough to make and now the kids will all get their pick of the shape they want :)

  4. ...and when you roll it out on the counter..put tons of flour down! otherwise the dough gets sticky pretty fast :)

  5. Thank you! I will be making these tomorrow night for my kinders to do this week! Thanks so much! I just needed to know how much to buy for 23 kiddos.

    Thank you for helping out this first year Kindergarten teacher!