Monday, February 27, 2012


We are wrapping up our America Unit in class and I am so proud of how great the students have done! This has been one of my favorite units this year!  We used many activities from my America unit!
Every morning we learned about a different American symbol. We first made a KWL together as a class then I transferred the information to our class tree-map.  
The students would use the information to write in their 'America the Beautiful' writing notebooks for the week. They came our adorable!

We also made some cute bald eagles ..and we've been watching the Decorah Eagles online everyday (I am obsessed) Our class named the mom eagle Liberty and the dad eagle Bell :)
 We focused on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln during this unit. We measured out a life size Lincoln (the children LOVE doing this! They stand next to him all the time!) and did a directed drawing of George Washington.

 We also measured out the Statue of Liberty's foot and the children drew gorgeous pictures...

Today the students painted a map of the United States (from my unit) and we did a super fun science project (from Deanna Jump's unit) to show how penny's can turn green just like the Statue of Liberty did!

Now we are moving on to our Suess-tastic Unit :)


  1. I love your America the Beautiful journals. They seemed to really learn alot about the symbols of the United States. Great job!

  2. Awwww....their work looks awesome! We did American Symbols when I taught first grade, but since moving down to K I don't think it's on our curriculum. Bummer....

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  3. ok I love the foot of the Statue of Liberty - wow that is amazing!

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