Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily 5: Chapter 1

As some of you may know, I am joining Tammy and other bloggers in the Daily 5 book study.  I have heard about Daily 5 before and even have read about it on all of your wonderful blogs, but I have not implemented it in my classroom. Right now, I do literacy centers/workstations...and I have to say, I do LOVE it!  My kids are very focused and it just works! I teach a full day K class and I am the only teacher. We also have a separate writing block later in the day. But, a lot of people say that once you go Daily 5 you never go back! --that's the saying right ;) So, I am definitely interested in switching things up!
Tammy gave us all some things to think about while we read Chapter 1 so here are my thoughts...
1. How do I teach new behaviors? We spend a lot of time the first couple weeks of school going over behaviors. I model the behaviors and re-model. I demonstrate wrong behaviors and we discuss why it is wrong and how we can fix it. 
2. How do I teach expectations? I make sure to model and show them the behaviors that I expect. I also hold my students to high expectations and they always meet them!
3. How do I monitor student behavior? I currently use a clip chart for my students behavior and will continue to do so. This is a school policy at my school and it seems to be working wonderfully. With the Daily 5 I am also thinking that I will create a Daily 5 clip chart. The chart will be labeled with the different Daily 5 components and the students can clip their name onto the spot that they are going to work on.  This will also allow me to limit the amount of people at a certain center. For instance, on Listen to Reading I can have 5 dot stickers on the chart. If a students clip is on each of the 5 dot stickers, that means that all of the headphones are taken and they must choose something else to work on.
4. What do I do when a student is not exhibiting desired behavior? Again, I use a clip chart in my room. If I see a student not exhibiting the desired behavior then they move their clip down. I can do this nonverbally with a hand motion that I teach the kids, this way I don't distract others OR if needed I will walk up to that student or say it out loud depending on the behavior observed.
5. Whose classroom is it? Our classroom is definitely OUR classroom. The students help me make decisions, they help me clean, they take pride in how our classroom looks. We are a team and a we have a huge sense of community.
6. Locus of control? I actually discuss this a lot with my students in order for them to realize that they are in control of their education and their future and what they do in the classroom will affect them. I think the K students need reminders of this though. However, I still use sticker rewards and treasure box :/
7. Where are supplies stored? All of our classroom supplies are out in the open for everyone to use. The students text books, writing notebooks, and poetry/science notebooks are in their seat sacks. All other materials are labeled and available to the children. With the exception of tape and the stapler which I have had to keep on my desk due to excessive use and no supplies! :) I have very defined areas in my classroom--listening center, writing center, word-work center, etc. 

I can't wait to hear all of your opinions and ideas for Daily 5! Like I said, I have never done this or been trained on this before! This is all new to me and I am excited to learn from you!
If you are participating in the D5 book study, don't forget to link up with Tammy here...
Then, I will see you again soon because I am hosting Chapter 2!!

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  1. I wish I was teaching K again next year :(

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!

  2. I have thought about doing the Daily 5, but have had problems with doing it early in the year. My problems were that the s. that could not read would not just read the pictures and would disrupt others or act bored.
    Any thoughts on how to solve this?

  3. I love the idea of a Daily 5 clip chart. I, too, use a clip chart to monitor behavior and it has been the best thing I have ever used!! I think I will definitely do a clip chart for Daily 5 as well. Great post!!

  4. I am very interested in following along & learning about the Daily 5. I have heard about so many people using it successfully in their classrooms. The Daily 5 clip chart sounds like a great plan. I am looking forward to following along as you get further into this book! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. I do a stoplight chart with magnets for my behavior management, but I think I'm going to do a clip chart next year. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Teaching With Style

  6. I am very curious about Daily 5. It do literacy centers as well but I may have to check this out! Thanks for the outline.

    I am thinking of switching to clip chart. I need to look more into that as well! Thanks again!

  7. Your idea of putting dot stickers on the clip chart to limit the number of students at each area is genius! Why didn't I think of something so simple! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Haha Caitlyn its the simple things :) I do the dot stickers with my centers that I have now...it works wonders!!! I sometimes hear the kids complain for a second that the dots are all full..but then they move right on and pick somewhere new to go! It's great! :)

  9. Caitlin I also use a clip chart (one where kids move up and down throughout the day - I use it way more for positive reinforcement than negative)... and I will continue this system with D5..... I think the little ones need that visual of how they are doing!

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  10. Great post Caitlin! One thing that I will change this year for me is how I store their supplies! I need to let go of this one! :-)
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  11. Love your blog!!! It is so cute! We are your newest followers! Check us out if you get a chance.

  12. This past year I used a variation of the "I Chart" from the Daily 5 to help my Kinders work effectively during our literacy stations. We spent time discussing behavior expectations and building stamina. I took pictures of the kids getting their materials, going to their area, and beginning to work right away, etc. which I mounted onto a poster along with the written directions. This chart, along with our ten frame behavior board, helped my Kinders to stay on task. Most of the time. :)
    PS. I am your newest follower! Check out my blog: kindergartendoodles.blogspot.com


  13. Hi Caitlin, I love the idea of using a clipchart for the Daily 5 choices. How will you have the students use the clipchart to start each day? Will you let he quiet students choose first or have them choose by their table or do you have another option in mind? I bought my book boxes last year firm Ikea but didn't get a chance to start the Daily 5. I am so much more hopeful that this will be my year!

  14. Hi Kristin! I think before I start the Daily 5 we will be on the carpet finishing up calendar math--so, I will most likely start off by letting the students that have already moved their name up for the day choose first. Then from there I will call on individuals that are sitting quiet, criss cross applesauce :) If we aren't at the carpet then I will probably dismiss them by tables (quietest table first).

    This will be your year for the Daily 5! :)

  15. Hi Caitlin , thanks for clarifying! Do you know for how long will be your daily 5 time each day? When the students have learned all of the expected behaviors, will you let them change their clothes pin whenever they want or do you change their join for them? How did you keep them accountable for going to each station? Thank you

  16. When they have learned all the centers/expected behaviors I will let them change on their own. I haven't 100% decided how I am going to hold them accountable for each station. I am wondering if I should make a check list so that I know each student has gone to each station throughout the week. My Daily 5 time will be an hour or maybe a little bit longer than that :)