Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Update on My Room and a Little Freebie :)

I was able to get a couple more things done in my classroom this morning :) We actually go back on Monday of next week and then students will return to school on August 20th
I hung up my 'How We Get Home' clip chart. I love it! It matches the rest of my polka dots perfectly and it is going to be so helpful with dismissal. I get so many notes with a change of dismissal for the day and this will be the perfect way for me to keep track of it all. As soon as I get the note in the morning, I will move that students clip to their new dismissal. It will also be great for subs! They will be able to stand right at the doorway and double check all of the students dismissal :)
My school is huge! So we have 2 different carpools and 2 different places that students can be dismissed for walkers/bikers as you can see above. I created additional dismissal tags and have them all here:

If you buy the pack and there is a dismissal tag missing, just shoot me an email and I will make it for you :)

I also hung up my word wall! I love how it came out! :) It did take me a little while to measure it, but the time was well worth it! I got the letters for the word wall words from Tammy over at Live, Love, Laugh and then I added on my letters to the top for my 'Word Wall' title.

I also added those letters to my 'Star Students' board and my writing, poetry, and reading centers too! They look great and match my room perfectly!! You can use these letters to create anything you want! The possibilities are endless :)
I am in the process of making a 'Miss Clabby' banner using them! It is looking fabulous ;)
You can find the letters here:
and you can find Tammy's word wall letters/pictures here:

Now it is time for your freebie :) I bought 3 bins from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (only $5 each) and created little tubs around the room to keep me organized. I made one for our reading buddies:
another for the clipboards:
and lastly, I made one for the students' to add their library books when they are finished with them:
I printed the letters out on 8 1/2x11 label paper that I bought from Office Depot. Then I cut the letters out, peeled the backing off, and stuck them right on! I love the way they look! Last year I used a paint marker to write on the bins, but I like this look better!
The paper is a little pricey (I think I paid $11 for 25 sheets) so I squished all of the letters onto 2 pages so I wouldn't waste any paper!! If you want to grab your letters just click on any of the pictures above :) I hope you are able to use them!!


  1. Your tubs look so so cute!! Thanks for sharing how you made them too. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. I love your word wall! I wanted to do mine like that..but was getting impatient! Now I'm wishing I had taken the time to make the tape lines! Love those tubs!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  3. I just bought similiar tubs at the Dollar Store; but by far your labels surpass mine!!!! KUDOS to you. THANKS FOR SHARING and stop by my Blog anytime!

  4. You are so creative and talented!! Your classroom is picture perfect!! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. What a great idea to do a clipchart for dismissal! I always end up putting notes on my door so I don't forget.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  6. I absolutely love your word wall! It is so colorful and eye catching!

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  7. I just pinned a pic of your word wall! Target has peel and stick letters and numbers in the art supply/office section. I saw them today and thought, "Hmmm...how could I use these?". Now I know! Thanks for sharing.

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  9. I absolutely LOVE your bins!! I'm gonna head over and buy some tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

    Gone Primary

  10. Such happy and fun colors!!! I love it!

  11. Hey Caitlin,
    After I saw your post I headed out to Bed Bath and Beyond to get some tubs. Thanks for the inspiration.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars

  12. Your letter set is so cute! I love how your word wall turned out. And your buckets! I might have to make one for my clipboards too! I've never heard of the label paper--excited to check that out!!

    Creating & Teaching

  13. Your word wall looks gorgeous! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures, I love seeing how other peoples classrooms look!

    Come link up with my "Back to School To-Do List" Linky Party!


  14. I love your word wall too! Do you have the Word Wall letters for sale in your store? :)

  15. I LOVE your word wall, it is too pretty! Thanks for sharing pictures :)


  16. I love your room! Do you know where your rug came from? I think my principal will get me a rug. I'd love to find a great rug to order.