Monday, November 4, 2013

All About Bats Unit: Wrap Up!

I feel like the worst blogger! I haven't spent nearly enough time blogging and sharing ideas with you this year. I swear I have the best intentions...and then life happens!
This Fall I have totally been on the wedding circuit! I've almost been away every weekend since Labor Day! I. AM. EXHAUSTED. I was actually home this past weekend with no plans for the first time since school started and I barely moved from the couch! But, hey...that gave me enough energy to get through Monday and I am back! (for now)  ;)
Last week we wrapped up our Bat Unit.  I am really trying to make an effort to only have centers that I know my students will be able to complete 100% independently. This way I am not bothered during my guided reading group. 
In the pocket chart center, students put their bat cards in ABC order.
 Then they recorded their letters on their activity sheet.
During my guided reading group, we worked on beginning sounds. I let one student at a time choose a bat. They had to flip the bat over and tell us what the picture was. 
 Then, they all record the sound they heard. They loved this!
At their 'star' table (which is my parent center), they played Spooky Spin and Write! This is another activity that works on beginning sounds.
I have my formal observation coming up this week. Eeks. For it, I am comparing and contrasting children now to children of the past (Pilgrims). I wanted to practice so I quickly made an activity comparing birds and bats.  
First, we read Stellaluna. Then I had the students turn to their 'carpet buddy' and discuss one thing that was different between bats and birds and one thing that was the same. When they were finished I called on different groups to share what they came up with. Then, I showed them 4 different baggies I made. Each bag had different facts inside. I told the students that they would go back to their table group and they would work together to figure out where each statement went on the class Venn Diagram (bats, birds, both).
 I also explained to them that they would have to make sure every one at the table had a 'job'. Someone may be the reader, someone may hold the statements, someone had to get the tape out, etc. BUT they were not allowed to put the statement on the venn diagram until everyone at the table agreed on its placement!
...and yes they are in was on Halloween and I made them work! Such a meanie ;)
 When each group was finished we went over the Venn Diagram. I read each statement and I had them put their thumb up if they thought it was placed in the correct spot. If they thought it was placed incorrectly then they put their thumb down. A couple times we had some thumbs down, if that was the case then I made the group stand up and either defend their answer or change it.
I made little pictures in the corners of all the statements- circles, squares, stars, and triangles. This way I knew exactly which group put on which statement.
The lesson turned out great! I love to see my students working together! Now let's hope it goes this well on Friday when we compare children now to Pilgrims children!


  1. I love this! I always like getting to peek at other teachers classroom. Love the Venn Diagram

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  2. Thanks for the idea;) my observation is in a couple weeks too and I think I'll do the pilgrim lesson!!!

  3. I have your bat unit and love all of the activities! My kids had a blast last year! I was wondering if the Venn Diagram pieces were available? I would love to have my kiddos practice working together! Please let me know!

    Thanks SO much!

  4. Hi!! I added the Venn Diagram into my Bat Unit! :)

  5. Hi,
    Love your units! I bought the bat unit and your poetry journal. Do you have a poem for bats? Just would love to have one when I teach this unit.
    Thanks, Tonia

  6. Adding a bat poem right now :)

  7. Love it!! I was also wondering if the pieces were available. Please let me know.. Thank you!