Sunday, December 15, 2013

Elf on Shelf: In the Classroom {Week 2}

Last Friday, our class made these cute wreaths to hang up in the classroom. A couple of the girls decided to make wreaths to give to Sparkle for their doors in the North Pole. Well, there was no way Sparkle could fly with all of those wreaths! So, when we arrived at school on Monday, we found Sparkle hanging along side our wreaths! 
This week, Sparkle also brought snowballs to our classroom! She had a little snowball fight of her own, but she also left us a little note saying that if they were good, they could have their own snowball fight
Sparkle also showed up in a new skirt!! The kids couldn't believe it!! The girls just knew that Santa must have given her a sparkly skirt because of her name!
 They didn't earn their snowball fight right away, but on Friday they were able to have one! SO MUCH FUN! I have 10 girls and 10 boys in my class so it is just easy to do girls vs. boys. We put a line down the center of the class and I told them that when the music started they had to try to get all of the snowballs off of their side. When the music stopped, whoever had the least amount of snowballs would win!
Believe it or not, the girls won every time! I think the boys were more concerned with throwing it at the girls instead of just getting the snowballs off of their side! I purchased the snowballs HERE.
I was out for team leader meetings one day this week, so Sparkle left them a little reminder to 'be good' while I was gone!
 We are having so much fun with our Elf! Read about other 'classroom elves' below!


  1. The wreaths turned out really cute. I'm sure the kids were stoked for the snowball fight. I'll have to get some snowballs for next year. Thanks for the link.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Even though I have finished school until February, I'm glad I found you now...inspiring! Thank you
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

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