Friday, January 17, 2014

Jo-Ann Teacher Creativity Blog Hop

I love, love, love Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Store! I actually hadn't been in the store since August when I was setting up my room so when I went in last week, I was like a kid in a candy store! There was SO many things that I just had to have!
The first thing I did was grab a pack of washi tape! I have heard SO much about washi tape, but I've never used it! My pack came with three rolls and I loved all of the colors!
I was sitting at my desk on Monday and it came to me...cover my filing cabinet with the washi tape!! Washi tape is so great to work with and it peals off so easily.  
I covered this 2-drawer filing cabinet in a little over an hour! My kids loved it so much that one of the girls said to me, "It's like we just started school!" I said to her, "What do you mean?" and she said, "It's like we just got a new classroom with this beautiful cabinet!" <3
My second project was to organize my pens, sharpies, and other supplies. At Jo-Ann fabric I bought sticker labels, a six pack of blue mason jars, and ribbon. 
I hot glued the ribbon onto the jars and added the sticker labels to the front. The sticker labels are actually chalk labels, but my handwriting just didn't look good with the chalk so I ended up using a white paint pen. The jars came out beautifully!! I LOVE them! Another teacher from my school is already headed out to buy the same ones! :)
My third project was to decorate an awkward wall that I have in my room. It is a short wall and I just never knew what to put there! While I was walking around Jo-Ann fabric I saw AMAZING magnetic cork boards! I ended up buying 4 of them and hung them next to each other on the wall. I also bought some scrapbook paper, letter stickers, and tiny glitter clothes pins to make a title for our new board!
First, I cut the striped scrapbook paper into triangles. Then, I cut the blue scrapbook paper into slightly smaller triangles and glued them on top of the striped ones.
Using the tiny clothes pins, I hung the triangles onto a piece of string and spelled out 'Love Notes' with the letter stickers.
Look how cute!!! And I didn't even hang these cork boards with nails/ no worries, there are no holes in the wall! I hung them with double sided foam sticky tape!
My kids had a blast this week with out new board. Every morning I was receiving new pictures and 'love notes' to hang! 
This weekend you can receive 25% off your total purchase at Jo-Ann fabric and let me tell you....the store employees are so awesome with using coupons! While I was standing in line, I went on Jo-Ann website and found a 50% off one item coupon. So when I checked out I ended up using the 50% off one item coupon AND my teacher discount!! They will let you use as many coupons as you want! Click on the image below for your coupon :) 
Then, sign up for your teacher discount HERE or by clicking on the image below.
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  1. This looks adorable!!! Love the mason jars!!!!

  2. Such wonderful ideas! I love the washi tape project :)


  3. Everything is just so darn cute! I LOVE the filing cabinet!
    Fun In First

  4. Love the filing cabinet! I've done scrapbook paper, but this is a great way to change it up!

  5. You are just so darn creative, it amazes me. I just signed up for the teacher discount and the coupon is sent to my phone. Thank you so much for sharing...again :)

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Kindergarten