Sunday, February 2, 2014

Class Supplies: Bright Ideas Blog Hop

At the beginning of the year I always start with table/group supplies. I have four tables in my classroom where students sit (usually 5 to a table) and each table has a caddy and a crayon bucket.
Inside the caddy we keep scissors, pencils, and glue. Then, in the purple container, that you can see in the image above, we keep crayons.  I love using table supplies at the beginning of the year. My kids all learn to share, they learn self help skills, etc.
However, in January when students return to school after winter break, all of the students receive their own pencil box! The pencil boxes were on their supply lists from the beginning of the year and I just decorated them with paint pens :)
All of my students were so excited to get their own supplies! For me it is great because they learned to share at the beginning of the year and now, as they get ready for first grade, they are going to start learning how to take care of their own supplies
Giving them something new like this half way through the year, not only brings excitement, but produces much nicer work! I know that may seem crazy, but it really does!! My students take such pride in 'their' crayons and they carry their pencil boxes with them to each center. They seem to take their time on all of their work, they color SO much nicer, and I am LOVING it!!
I am not sure if giving them their own pencil boxes at the beginning of the year would have the same effect? My thinking is that it wouldn't because it may get 'old' half way through the year! But, I am not sure, haha! How do you handle supplies in your room? Would love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. I love that you transition them! When I taught first I still did whole group supplies because I really can't stand how noisy the boxes can be! ha ha ha! How are the boxes stored? Do the students just sit them in the middle of the table?
    Mrs. Richardson's Class

  2. I love that you dressed up the caddys and pencil boxes. I will have to remember that next year.


  3. i love that you decorated their boxes for them and that you gave it to them after Christmas... great idea!!! BRIGHT IDEA!!!

  4. I love the decorated boxes! I gave the kids boxes as well, but not decorated. I did number them w/ their numbers; love the decorations you did! I know! the noise of the community caddies were getting on my last nerves so I went out and bought pencil boxes.. Maybe next year I will ask the parents for them. I do love how the kids take care of their own boxes so they are ready each day! :)

  5. You have decorated the caddies so cute! That is great that you teach them to transition from them to boxes!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. okay I started out with caddies in the middle of their table with glue and scissors...we had random things being glued and cut ...i had to take them up from certain tables...we went to boxes but glue and scissors are passed out as needed...

  7. Both types of buckets are so cute! I love that you start out by sharing, but then have them become responsible for their own supplies. I think switching it up makes a difference to them!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  8. I love this idea!!!!!!! This is a subject, individual or group supplies, that my colleagues talk about often. I teach kindergarten and I give them their pencil boxes at the beginning of the year. Next year I am going to follow your procedure!!!!!!!!!

  9. I did this in my classroom after reading your blog and it has helped my students become so much more independent! Love it!!

  10. Great idea! love the table tags. Any possibility you could share them with me?

  11. What a great idea!!! We do the same with the community supplies and different tub for crayons. But they would FLIP if I gave them their own set of crayons!

  12. I love your blog and packets on TPT! Just a tip, I made the tubs from Lakeshore with table nos. last year. I went to clean up the pencil on the plastic and it didn't work well. Googled a great idea, spray with WD40, let sit. Wash with soapy water to get the oil residue. Wasn't perfect, but really worked well.

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