Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weather Unit

Our weather unit is in full swing and we are already learning a lot! This past week we focused on the sun, wind,  and snow. Next week we will focus on rain/water cycle and the different types of clouds.  As always, our units are all aligned with Common Core standards for reading, writing, and math but are chosen because they match our science and social studies standards.  Our social studies focus for this unit is: Describe and give examples of seasonal weather changes, and illustrate how weather affects people and the environment.  We are also focusing on matter in science throughout this unit and using a couple crafts from the Bubbly Blonde that can be found here

This week in centers we wrote our weather words around the room.  
We also used Mrs. Miner's Guided Drawing pack to help teach us how to make a rainbow! I know throughout the unit my kids will be making rainbows all of the time--so this was the perfect way to teach that!
During writing we have REALLY been focusing on writing details. Now that majority of my class can write independently, I am trying to push them a little further.  I found this activity in Live, Love, Laugh's March Writing pack and it seemed to fit my lesson perfectly. 
During centers the children had to add details to their picture (which only had an umbrella on it). Then, we wrote detailed stories to describe our pictures. They came out adorable!
I am still working with my reading groups on digraphs.  Most groups have it down pat now and are ready to start completing digraph activities independently. Yay!
I am proud to say that ALL of my students were able to complete this CVC word/picture match up by themselves!! 
They were also able to sort all of their CVC pictures under the correct word family.  Don't you just love that feeling when even your struggling readers can sound out words!?! Makes me so happy!
I had mentioned in a previous post that my students needed more work on reading/building sentences.  I put this activity at a center with one of my parent volunteers in case they needed some guidances, but they all did really well.
On Friday we had a 'rainbow day'!  We ate these delicious rainbow cookies!! They are just sugar cookies with vanilla frosting (dyed blue).  Then I bought the rainbows and clouds in a little pack at Jo-Ann's Fabrics; however, you can just use fruit roll ups and marshmallows if you can't find them at a store near you!
 Then, we made these cute rainbow tear-art crafts! I LOVE how they turned out! They are currently hanging in the hallway :)
 At the bottom of the rainbow we used a freebie from Teaching With Love and Laughter. It is the cutest little poem and perfect for students' to complete independently!
You can find my All About Weather unit by clicking on the image below :) Enjoy!


  1. I love it all!! You have some serious cuties in your class! What is the frame holding the guided drawing page??

  2. I LOVE that cute little poem under the torn paper rainbows!! Is that in the weather unit?

  3. Miss Kindergarten, I got a couple of those frames free from Hightlights when I had kids sign up for their Hidden Pictures magazine. They are awesome. They hold paper on one side and the other side is a white board. They are so perfect for writing I can statements at centers or holding examples!!

    Krogers Kindergarten, that poem is a freebie from Teaching With Love and Laughter. The link is above!!

  4. Oh wow...yup there's the link. Miss Kroger's reading comprehension isn't on today ;)

  5. Wow, your class has really been busy! I love the pictures. The kiddos are all so cute!
    Jean (JWDesigns) Teaching Tidbits and Treats

  6. Such great activities for teaching weather! Love them! And what a yummy treat! Your students are very lucky to have you!

    Simply Kinder

  7. Thanks for sharing, I like the ideas and resources here. One HUGE concern though, you have pictures of students that have their first and last name showing. Such a VERY dangerous thing to do on a public website.

  8. Hi!! I actually get permission from all the parents :) thanks though!