Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kindergarten End of the Year Party

This was actually the easiest end of the year party I have ever planned and for some reason it was the most FUN!!
 We played this 'minute to win it' game.  I had a parent set the clock for one minute and the students had to see how many beans they could transfer from one plate to another...only using the straw.  They actually did awesome with this!! We kept score and ended up having the top two students compete against each other at the end!
 The students made this cute and easy treat! They rolled the marshmallows in icing and then they were able to decorate the marshmallows with their choice of toppings-sprinkles, mini m&m's, chocolate chips, etc. YUM!
 My room mom sent in some cereal boxes that we cut up and turned into puzzles.  They competed against each other to see who could build the puzzle the fastest!
 Each student received a beach ball.  They had to blow it up--am I crazy for making them do this? haha They were all capable of it! Then they went around and had each other sign their names.
 Each student also made this yummy 'beach' treat. They put vanilla pudding in a cup, smashed up vanilla oreos for sand, then added gummy turtles and a beach umbrella!
 At the end of our party we played two games together.  I put on some beach music and we played limbo.  
 They absolutely loved limbo!! They loved watching the string get lower and lower!
 Then, we played musical chairs. This was awesome!! They are so competitive but such great sports at the same time!
Such an easy party to plan, not a lot of prep, and such a blast!! Hope you had a great end of the year party as well!!


  1. Great ideas. Thanks! My end of the year is still a few weeks away so I will be using these. So helpful! Question - Did you do a graduation or the awards ceremony with the star carpet again this year as well?

  2. I love the cereal box puzzles! Were they lined for them to cut, or did the kids just do it on their own?

  3. Love the bean and straw game. We may have to play that tomorrow!

  4. LOVE the yummy beach treat & the cereal puzzle boxes! Such great ideas! Thank you for sharing :)

    Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

  5. I love ALL of these ideas! Thank you so much for sharing, it looks like you had a blast!

  6. Hi Trisha!! Yes, I did the star carpet with the candy bar awards again!! We had a blast!! The kids love seeing which award they are going to get!!

  7. Do you also do a "graduation"?

  8. Sorry---just got my answer in the thread.