Friday, October 17, 2014

Fight For Your Write!

When the new school year started, I received all sorts of goodies from my friends over at BIC!  BIC is the first line of children's writing instruments in the U.S. that were designed specifically to help children learn to write.  The products were all designed with the help of teachers too, which I LOVE!
Literally the first day of school I put the BIC dry erase markers to use!  Their dry erase markers don't have an odor like some others and they erase super easily! One of my students' favorite centers is the dry erase boards.  You can see the student below using my word work cards that you can find free HERE
BIC also sent over some 'wite-out'.  Well, teachers make mistakes too and we showed that to our students, haha!  My intern was making our A-Z Community Helpers chart with the students and wrote 'U.S. Coastal Guards' next to the 'O'.  It was so cute when she did this because I didn't want to disrupt the lesson, but another student kept asking her why that would be an 'O' word and I couldn't help but giggle.  Perfect timing for the BIC 'wite-out'! 
This next BIC product is for sure my FAVORITE! Notice the students grip below...
Now look at her grip using the BIC kids pencil!
The pencil above is a mechanical pencil, but the lead in the pencil is so thick that it does't break.  My room mom actually just bought us five packs of these pencils to use! They are that amazing! You can check out the pencil by clicking on the image below:
My kids are loving all of our new BIC products!!  It makes writing more exciting!


  1. I got one of those pencils at school and had no idea about it!! So glad I saw your post today! I am going to get some while I'm out this weekend! Some of my kinder cubs really need these and my other ones will love having something new to write with. Thanks for your freebie, too!!

  2. Oooh! I need some of those pencils! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Oh, a BIC package would be very welcome! Thanks for the freebie and all the ideas - I pinned for future reference! Jen :)

  4. I love the pencils! I also want to try to low odor markers! Some seem sooo toxic! Thank you for sharing!
    ~Shelly Anton
    Promoting Success Blog