Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Random Facts About Me!

So, where do I even start?  I am going into my 9th year teaching kindergarten--but, this year I will be at a new school that is closer to home, I'm excited! I actually moved back in April and just got around to hanging some pictures in my entryway yesterday!!
I have such an amazing family.  My mom and dad, Papa, and my 3 sisters all live super close so we are together a lot! Two of my sisters also have little girls, so I am an aunt to two cuties! 
My boyfriend and I LOVE to travel! He isn't a planner at all...so we tend to go on a lot of last minute getaways. Last night we booked a trip to Boston for this upcoming weekend. We've both never been so I am open to any tips or recommendations! 
 My boyfriend has two BEAUTIFUL kids!! They are 3 and 4 and I am so blessed to have them in my life!
Here are some other random facts about me:
(I am just going to type the first 10 things that I can think of!)
1. I LOVE anything with rainbow sprinkles
2. Yellow makes me happy
3. I used to collect stickers and mini erasers. I still have them...and won't let anyone touch them! Especially the fuzzy stickers ;)
4. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my Nana. I am so lucky that I have so many amazing memories with her. She was my best friend!
5. I have been cooking a lot lately and love it!
6. I seem to like a lot of foods that make my breath smell--garlic, onions, etc. YUMMY!
7. I tend to think that I've never seen a movie before, but when I get to the end I remember that I have seen it! Oops!
8. I can't pack for a trip until my house is perfectly clean
9. I'm jealous of people when they get the hiccups--I've never had them! 
10. I am a huge college football fan! Can't wait for the season to start! 

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  1. I think Yellow is a happy color too! Makes me think of sunshine!! I also love bad breath food!! French Onion soup has always been a favorite of mine!!
    Thank you for share such fun facts!!
    It’s Kinder Time

  2. How have you never had the hiccups! That is amazing.

    Notes From the Portable

  3. I love rainbow sprinkles too! I love that you and your boyfriend can be so spontaneous! I have been jealous of all your travels. War Eagle!

  4. Your entry way looks great! I love it when I get to complete little tasks around the house, especially after accomplishing so much at school each day. :) Random question: What's the wall color in the pic? I'm really liking that and on the hunt for a great new color in my own home.
    Cheers and enjoy the new school year!
    Ashley from Auburn ;) War Eagle!