Monday, November 21, 2016

Writing Collaboration on the Mayflower [Freebie Included]

I LOVE collaboration projects in the classroom.  I start them very early on in the year and by now, they are awesome at working together, sharing, talking, making sure everyone in their group 'agrees', presenting, and so much more!
During the month of November we spend a lot of time on the Mayflower and learning about Pilgrims and Native Americans.  One of my favorite books to read (I read it throughout the week because it is lengthy) is ...If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620
Throughout the week we add all of our 'learned' Mayflower facts onto our KWL.  On Friday during our writing block we do a collaboration writing project.  
Each table group has to work together to think of at least 3 Mayflower facts and record their facts, working together to sound out their words.  
They can use our vocabulary word cards from the unit to help them spell as well (vocab cards provided HERE).
Since there can be up to 5 students in the group, we always want to make sure that everyone has a 'job'. The kids are great at coming up with jobs for one another and sharing their responsibilities.  One of their favorite jobs is tracing with a sharpie.
As the groups finished their facts, they went to the carpet while they waited for their classmates to finish up.  When all groups were ready, we presented our Mayflower facts.
They read what they wrote and when they were finished we made sure to celebrate their success!
After each group read their facts they were allowed to go over to our Mayflower and tape their facts onto the ship!
This is always one of my favorite bulletin boards! You can also add little pilgrim faces into the Mayflower from my craft HERE. You can also see a picture from my Instagram page HERE.
'There was a poop deck.' is a fact that makes it onto my Mayflower EVERY single school year! Definitely a class favorite!
Now for a little freebie!  We only have school Monday and Tuesday this week so I wanted to have a little fun with the students before we leave for Thanksgiving break.  I thought this dice activity would be perfect for a little 'bonding' activity.
We are going to sit in a circle and take turns passing the dice.  Students will have to roll the dice and answer the questions that they rolled. 
This freebie includes a make your own dice template as well as inserts for the pocket dice seen HERE. Download the freebie by clicking on the image below.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This is great! I love the idea of groups creating the facts and then someone tracing it in sharpie so it can be seen. Thanks!