Thursday, January 18, 2018

Penguin Craft (Informational)

We LOVE learning about Penguins!! It may be one of my favorite units to teach too.  As we read our informational penguin books, we add all of our learned info onto a KWL.
I ask my kids questions from the KWL every morning before we read another book to make sure that they are remembering all of the info that they have learned. For instance, 'raise your hand if you can tell me three different things that penguins eat.' My kids LOVE showing what they know!!
So we decided to make this cute informational penguin so students can really show off everything that they have learned!
We make one page a day so students don't rush through their work. 
Then when we are done, we staple our books onto the belly of our penguin craft.
These cute penguins make an amazing bulletin board display. We have gotten so many compliments from not only fellow teachers (who are very impressed with our work) but our principal too!
You can grab this informational penguin craft by clicking on the image below.
You can also grab this similar informational bear craft.


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