Wednesday, July 18, 2012

KD5 Book Study: Ch 6

These are probably my two favorite centers! I have always LOVED teaching writing (English was always my best subject) and word work is a huge aide in their writing. Crystal from Kreative in Kinder had some great questions to consider this week!

I introduce one new sight word a week for two weeks. Then, the third week is a review of those two sight words. For instance week one I teach I, week 2 can, and week 3 we review I and can. I leave these words on our front board for the 3 weeks and we add them onto our word wall. Our morning work usually consists of a sight word scramble, handwriting, or sentence scramble activity using these words. I also try to choose a poem for the week that uses our new words. My students also have their own sight word lists. Each child has a folder with prongs where I give them one list at a time. When they become proficient in their list, I will put their next list in their folder. 

My students are extremely curious of unique and interesting words and they LOVE to use these words as much as they can. I pick certain 'vocab' words for the week. These words may come from a read aloud or may pertain to our theme that we are working on. I write the words down onto sentence strips. Then, I pass out the words to some of the students. I call one student up at a time and have them 'splash' that word onto our Word Splash poster (it is in the shape of a pond with a little rubber ducky picture in the corner). I don't tell them what the word means, but we brainstorm ideas of what we think it means. Then as we read stories or continue our learning we come up with all of the words definitions. Let me tell you---using a word splash has REALLY helped my students curiosity and use of new words. A little story...I was outside at carpool and I overheard one of my students say, 'Woah it is really blustery out here today!' Two fifth graders sitting next to him starting chatting to each other about how they had no idea what blustery meant! I had my student tell them what it meant and long story short, the next day at carpool the two fifth graders came up to me and used blustery in a sentence--they were so proud of themselves! I really do believe that the more we teach these new words, the better their writing will be!

I have had all my word work materials stored in a shelf like this-
This picture is from
I change the activities out constantly so my students don't become bored. I may change the set up this year, but I haven't been in my class yet to decide! I do always keep these at the center on a binder ring...
You can see a picture and grab your freebie HERE
This way students can spell words with magnetic letters, pipe cleaners, play-doh, etc. 
Another great activity you can have here at the beginning of the year is...
Add some magnetic tape onto the back, put it on a cookie sheet, and students will use magnetic letters to complete the different activities :) Grab your freebie HERE

My writing center activities are all hanging in this...
I introduce one activity at a time so this does start out pretty empty. By mid-year this is full of activities to choose from! You can download the preview or read the description of everything that I include at my writing center here...
Crystal will be holding the linky party this week! I can't wait to read everyones D5 posts!!

P.S. My matching polka dot color posters are finished! (a matching birthday set and matching word wall words are on their way!) You can find them by clicking on the picture below :)


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