Sunday, March 10, 2013

American Symbols

Almost all of the units I have taught this year have been 3 week units; however, there are times where we are just having too much fun and learning too much to end the unit! So, our 3 week America Unit has now turned into 4 and half weeks. It ended up working out perfectly because that will take us right to spring break and when we return we will have a new start in our weather unit!

So 4 and half weeks!! ...what have we been doing for that long? I spent one week on the Statue of Liberty, a couple days on the American Flag, Liberty Bell, and Bald Eagle. We will wrap up with a week on President Washington and President Lincoln. We have been practicing the President's Song in class....almost all of my little ones know ALL the presidents! So proud of them!

Here is a look at what we have been up to :)
Patriotic Ten Frames-they are becoming experts at this!!
We have also been focusing on shapes in math. They had to sort the shapes and fill out their activity sheet when they were done.
We worked on our middle sounds! 
and of course, we wrote about some of the facts that we have been learning! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE their non-fiction 'All About' books and so do the kids....and the parents!!
In one of my Five for Friday posts I showed how my students 'measured up' against the 4.5 foot tall Statue of Liberty nose. The kids just loved this activity, and most of them wrote about it too! I love when something really 'sticks' with them!
These activities can be found in my American Symbols pack on TPT :)
Next!! I can't wait!! I already started printing, cutting, and getting ready to laminate!!


  1. LOVE ALL OF YOUR UNITS! They really are fantastic!

  2. Love it all...and especially the new weather unit!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. What amazing units! I am wishlisting them now! You are amazing!
    The Teacher's Treasure Chest

  4. Love everything you do! The covers are always so cute! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous

  5. Wow! I wish I was a kindergartner in your room! Fun fun fun!

  6. What great ideas! I plan to pass information about your blog to the Kindergarten teachers at my school. I'm a speech therapist and I blog about education from a slightly different angle. It is fun to see what happens in Kindergarten classes around the country.

  7. This is wonderful!!! My superstars LOVE your units! We have so much fun learning about things and the kiddos are always asking what fun things are we learning about next!!!