Monday, September 23, 2013

Five Senses

We have been learning all about the five senses for the past two weeks! Even though this week I am focusing on apples--I am still tying it into our five senses unit. 
We started off with an anchor chart. I laminated the chart before putting the senses on. This way I was able to add velcro and make it interactive. 
The kids loved labeling the senses. After reading about each sense, I also had the kids write what they use for each sense on the anchor chart. They wrote with a dry erase marker so I can easily erase it and reuse the chart next year :) Here is the final result...
In the pocket chart center, the students sorted different pictures of the five senses. 
 The following day, they chose their favorite picture from each sense and recorded it. We glued these recording sheets into their science journals.
When we learned about sight, we played a classroom version of 'I Spy'. One person chose a card from the jar and had to tell the class what they 'spied' (they were all objects from the classroom). If another student thought they knew where it was, then they would raise their hand. If they were called on, they had to locate the object in the class. This was a hit! And a great way to show them some items around the classroom that they may not have known yet! Here they are below finding the computers...
We added a couple other 'fun' pages into our science journals as well.

 My students just LOVE dice games and I love watching them play together.  This five senses race is free HERE or by clicking on the image below. 
You can find other five senses activities in my unit below.


  1. We played your five senses graphing game today! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. I have this unit and I can't wait to use it! Love your stuff friend!! :)


  3. Your activities look terrific. I love sorting with the pocket charts. I think your idea of using velcro on your anchor chart is BRILLIANT! I will be using that idea in the very near future!

    Granny Goes to School

  4. i love your anchor chart. do u provide any links here?