Monday, September 30, 2013

Poetry Continued (with a freebie)

After my last poetry post, I received a couple of questions that I wanted to answer :) 
 First, I write (or type and glue) my poems onto chart paper. 
I purchase the chart paper at a local teacher store, but you can also find it here on Amazon.
Then, I tape the poems to a hanger. The poem we are using for the week gets hung in the front of the classroom on the whiteboard. Poems that I have already used are hung on hooks as seen in the image below.
 I keep about 10 poems out at a time. On Fridays, the students will get to go to the poetry center. They will glue and illustrate their new poems in their poetry notebook. 
Then, if they finish before their center is over, they can use pointers and microphones to practice reading their old poems.
 Here are the poems that my class uses:

My Five Senses Unit is totally updated. Don't forget to head over to TPT and download the unit again if you have already purchased it!


  1. I've been waiting for these! I'm excited to switch up my poetry routine. I really like the tips I've gotten from you! Thanks!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  2. Such a brilliant idea to use clothes hangers! I am now homeschooling and miss the wall space that I had when I was in the classroom. I will be using these this year! Thanks for sharing!