Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween Party [Planning]

This year our Halloween party falls on a half day of school so we are going to start our party first thing in the morning with some pumpkin fruit cups and yummy monster donuts!
I ordered these cute pumpkin cups from Oriental Trading.  They are pretty big and can fit a good portion for each student.  We are going to fill them with assorted fruit, but they would be great for popcorn if you're doing an afternoon party!
LOVE these donuts! I have said I wanted to do these every year since seeing them on Pinterest.  Can't wait for the kids to see them!
Our school allows our room moms to ask for a $5 donation from each child for the Halloween party.  This is obviously optional, but with the money we are going to purchase a small pumpkin for each child.  Then, I ordered these cute pumpkin decorating kits from Oriental Trading for the students to use.  There are TONS of different options--faces, bats, witches, cats, etc.  They are all foam stickers so they are super easy to assemble and stick very well!
 While I was shopping on Oriental Trading I came across these cute pumpkin boxes.  The box comes with the foam stickers and directions. I am all for easy and fun at my parties so I thought this would be great! It's not messy and it is a cute keepsake for the kids to take home!
Some of the other centers that I have planned are:
-Painting Fall Suncatchers (from Oriental Trading)
-Making popcorn 'spooky hands'
-Make a Halloween foam picture frame (a class mom is going to take our picture in our costumes, get them developed for us that day, and we will add them into the frames-SO nice!)

Then, I had to order this pin the nose on the pumpkin game! My students had to much fun at the beginning of the year playing this at the end of our Monster Unit, that I just had to play it again with them! We will play this at the end of our party as a whole group so that my parent volunteers can start cleaning the centers up!

On a different note, did you know Oriental Trading had Halloween costumes?  I would have never thought of looking there, but I must say, their costumes are awesome!! They shipped unbelievably quickly and we have been playing with them ever since! Why wait till Halloween?
We have Flash and Shopkins Cupcake here!
 And I just had to order this Princess Lea costume for my niece who loves StarWars! She was actually going to see Disney on Ice a week or two ago and said she knew exactly what princess she would wear to Disney on Ice...Princess Lea! (not quite Disney, but we can go with it!)



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