Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review Game for the End of Your Units

We just finished up our big non-fiction unit on bats and we love ending our units with a big trivia game! Not only is it an awesome way to see all of the students new knowledge, but it is fun and promotes a ton of collaboration!
Throughout our unit, we keep track of our new knowledge on our KWL. Everything on our KWL is from the students--after I read a non-fiction book, students turn and talk and discuss their new knowledge.  When they are done, they raise their hand and share with me what they discussed.  I then add it onto the KWL.
Since I have all of their new knowledge right in front of me, I create questions right from my KWL. For instance, 'Name three places that bats may live.' or 'What do bulldog bats eat?'
I separate the class into teams.  Each team sits in a corner of our carpet.  Then, I give each team one of these amazing buzzers.
I pick one person on each team to be the 'buzzer presser' and we rotate throughout the game.  I also have them practice one time so I can hear which team has which buzzer sound!
Throughout the game we use our 'collaborative rules'.  These are rules that I use whenever we do a collaborative project.  For instance, you can't ring the buzzer until you have discussed the answer with your team and everyone has said that they agree.
Lots of amazing discussions take place!
When everyone on the team agrees, they are allowed to ring their buzzer.  I call on the first team to press their buzzer. If their answer is not correct, I move on to another team. 
If it is correct, then they earn a tally point!
My students love our behavior chart, so any team that works nicely together, gets to move their name up when the game is finished!
My students absolutely love playing this review game and ask to play it over and over again!
I included all of the questions used in this game in my All About Bats unit found on TpT or by clicking on the image below.
Next we will be learning all about Pilgrims and Native Americans. At the end of November we will do another collaborative activity comparing/contrasting children today to children of the past. You can read more about that HERE or see my November Unit HERE.


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